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Cordis, Hong Kong
CDHKG Exterior Day lores.jpg
Cordis, Hong Kong At Langham Place
Cordis Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong urban core
Cordis Hong Kong
Location within Hong Kong urban core
General information
Location 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°19′5″N 114°10′4″E / 22.31806°N 114.16778°E / 22.31806; 114.16778
Opening 2004
Owner Great Eagle Group
Management Langham Hotels International
Technical details
Floor count 42
Design and construction
Developer Great Eagle Group,
Urban Renewal Authority
Other information
Number of rooms 664
Number of suites 101
Number of restaurants 4
Cordis Hong Kong official website

Cordis, Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港康得思酒店), formerly the Langham Place Hotel (朗豪酒店), is a five star hotel located at 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. It is operated by Langham Hotels International.


As a three-in-one renewal project: Langham Place, Office Tower and Langham Place Hotel, was a joint venture development by the Great Eagle Group and the Urban Renewal Authority ('URA'). Started in 1988, the project cost HK$10 billion and was completed in 2004.

In 2015 the Langham Place Hotel was rebranded to the Cordis, Hong Kong.


The hotel has 664 guest rooms and four restaurants, including the two-Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, Ming Court, awarded in the 2009 Hong Kong and Macau edition of the Michelin Guide.[1]

The hotel has a collection of more than 1,500 pieces of contemporary Chinese art, which includes pieces by Wang Guangyi, Yue Minjun and Jiang Shuo.[2]

It has also been recognised as one of the "Best Five Star Hotel" by Travel Weekly Asia Magazine in 2007.[3]

In 2010, Ming Court was listed with the 'Best seafood' and their garoupa and rice in lotus leaf dish as the 'Best Rice' on the Hong Kong Best Eats 2010 list compiled by CNN Travel.[4]

Viral marketing controversy[edit]

In order to promote its hotels, the management hired Prosperity Research to produce a series of virals for an Internet social network campaign entitled 'Big Deal'.[5] The videos were criticised for being poorly executed, and for making humour at the expense of local culture. The hotel management in response terminated its relationship with the company after its 3rd video was published, removed the videos and apologised following negative response on Twitter[6] LHI pulled the campaign due to "the potential to magnify the tone in a direction that was not intended." The group said the campaign was a "valuable lesson in communicating cultural differences in the social marketing environment and understanding the power social media holds."[7]



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