Langley Fine Arts School

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Langley Fine Arts School
Langley Fine Arts School logo.jpg
9096 Trattle Road
Fort Langley, British Columbia, V1M 2S6
School type Public, high school
School board School District 35 Langley
Principal Mr. Jon Bonnar
Grades 1-12
Enrollment 900
Language English
Area Fort Langley
Last updated: 2009

Langley Fine Arts School is a public elementary school and secondary school in Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada, and is part of School District 35 Langley. It serves the Fort Langley area, though its strong arts program attracts many students from across and outside the district. Students must audition or submit a portfolio to be accepted into a senior major. The LFAS major program focuses mainly on four aspects of art: Dance, Drama, Visual Art, and Music. In addition to the four majors, students have the option to switch to photography in the ninth grade or switch to writing in the eleventh grade.



LFAS achieves its arts focus through providing a university-style "Major" for secondary students. The students at an elementary level are explore all the arts offered, and the focus is narrowed with the final elimination being made upon entering grade nine. Students then also have a chance to switch into the Writing or Photography majors in grade eleven or twelve.

1) Dance -

Dance at LFAS teaches a variety of styles of dance, with times for group dance and solos. Guest teachers are brought in to teach different styles to the students as well. Student choreography and that taught in-class is showcased at the dance shows twice yearly.

2) Drama -

The drama major combines many aspects of drama, although the focus is almost entirely on theatre drama. The program includes the study of classic plays, modern plays, and student pieces. Students also learn improvisation and theatre technical skills.

3) Art -

The visual art major at LFAS is focussed not only on the technical aspects of drawing and painting, but also in 3-dimensional art pieces. Student art is featured in thematic exhibitions throughout the school year in the school's private gallery, the Mary Pratt Art Gallery.

4) Music -

The music classes have a two-part focus: individual growth and collaboration. Using the students' instruments of choice, teachers for chamber groups consisting of three to ten people. These groups are changed twice throughout the year, giving chances for new and interesting combinations of instruments. In addition to chamber groups, students are taught music theory and history, and are given assignments in writing instrumental composition.

5) Writing -

The writing major, available in grade eleven and twelve, revolves around the improvement and nurturing of skills with the written word. This can include narratives, poems, spoken-word, beat poetry, and lyrical song writing. Although so much of the work done in the writing program is done individually, it is a very collaborative major. Through peer editing, class readings, and the mentorship program with successful writers in many different fields of work, student writers can get constructive help from trusted critics.

6) Photography -

The LFAS photography program covers both digital and film photography. Photography students will be able to not only develop their own film and edit digital photos to perfection, but will also know how to manipulate both methods to create new effects.


In the place of electives like woodworking, home-economics, or metal shop, LFAS offers electives with more specific focuses than the more general majors. Each elective is under the larger heading of one of the majors, however. (Except Body Fit)

Junior electives[edit]


Choreography - students outside of the dance major get a chance to choreograph their own piece and rehearse it with dancers to be performed at the year-end shows.

Hip-Hop & Jazz - students learn basic moves of the genres and learn a final piece as a group.

Stretch and Strength - students improve their flexibility and strength through weight work, cardio, and aerobic exercise.


Musical Theatre - students combine acting, singing, and dancing to perform famous musical numbers as well as student-written scenes.

Video Production and Acting on Camera - students learn the process of video production and the art of acting in front of a camera through the making of a short film.


Drawing and Painting - students are challenged to define drawing and painting in this rule-breaking class that includes the use of many different techniques.

Multimedia - students make 3-d pieces out of any and all medium available.

Ceramics - students learn to work with clay and to manipulate it.


(Note: all music electives are offered outside of the timetable.)

Jr. Concert Band

Jr. Jazz Band

Jr. Choir

Senior electives[edit]

Fabric and Fibre

Advanced Film

Computer Animation

Sr. Wind Ensemble

Sr. Jazz Band


Sr. Choir

Chamber Choir (Audition only)

Drama Ensemble (Grades 9-12 Audition only)

Chief Sepass Theatre[edit]

The Chief Sepass Theatre is a theatre at Langley Fine Arts School. On October 30, 2010, someone unsuccessfully attempted to burn the theatre down, but only accomplished setting several of the seats on fire.[1] It is named for Chief Sepass, a local native leader.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Michael Bean (Class of 1995) - Actor, author, acting coach, and founder of Biz Studio-an acting school for children and youth.


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