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Native toUganda
EthnicityLangi people
Native speakers
1.5 million (2002 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3laj

Lango (also called Lwo, Lwoo, or Leb-Lango,) is a Southern Luo dialect spoken by the Lango people of Uganda. The word "Lango" is used to describe both the language spoken by the indigenous and tribe itself It is mostly spoken in Lango sub-region, in the Northern Region, by approximately 1.8 million speakers, or five percent of the population of Uganda. An orthography for it using the Latin script has been introduced and is taught in primary schools. It is generally counted as a distinct language because the Lango people are ethnically distinct from other Luo. The language shares a similar dialect with the broader Luo speaking people such as the Acholi, Alur, and Adoalh of Uganda. However, the origin of Lango People is strongly linked to the tradition of Shilluk, Karamojong and Teso speaking people.


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