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Lango sub-region

Coordinates: 02°18′N 33°00′E / 2.300°N 33.000°E / 2.300; 33.000
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Lango Sub-region
A road in rural Lango
Community leaders in Lango

Lango sub-region is a region in Uganda covering an area of 15,570.7km consisting of the districts of:

It covers the area previously known as Lango District until 1974, when it was split into the districts of Apac and Lira, and subsequently into several other districts. The sub-region is home mainly to the Lango ethnic group.

At the 2002 national census, it had a population of about 1.5 million people. As of July 2018, its population was an estimated 2.3 million, about 5.75% of the estimated 40 million Ugandans at the time.[1]

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02°18′N 33°00′E / 2.300°N 33.000°E / 2.300; 33.000