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Mango 'Langra'
Vikramshila Agrovet 2 Langra Mango farm, Mathurapur, Bhagalpur Bihar.JPG
'Langra' mangoes at a farm in Mathurapur Village, Shivnarayanpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India
Genus Mangifera
Cultivar 'Langra'

The Langra, also known as Banarasi Langra,[1] is a mango cultivar primarily grown in Banaras, Northern India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. [2][3] This cultivar retains a greenish tinge while ripening. It is normally harvested during the last half of July. Around 2006, it was known to be gaining popularity on the international market.[4] It is considered suitable for slicing and canning.[5]


Langra mango tree

The leaf blades had an oval-lanceolate shape and were flat to slightly folded. The apexes were acuminate to sub-acuminate. The secondary veins were arranged as sub-opposite to alternate.[6] They were measured as follows:

  • Length of blade: 21.93 cm
  • Length of lamina: 18.95 cm
  • Breadth of lamina: 4.75 cm
  • Length petioles 2.98 cm
  • Length of pulvinus region 1.20 cm
  • Length : breadth of lamina: 4.00
  • Length of pulvinus : petiole: 0.42
  • Length of lamina : petiole: 6.67 cm