Langton, County Durham

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Coordinates: 54°34′12″N 1°43′59″W / 54.570°N 1.733°W / 54.570; -1.733

The village in 2006

Langton is a village in County Durham, in England. It is situated to the west of Darlington, near Headlam and Ingleton.


Lanton was a parish in Berwickshire containing 7,200 acres (29 km2). The area around the town was frequently invaded in the sixteenth century by the English. Sir George Bowes and Sir Henry Percy left the town burnt in 1558.

The old town of Langton so offended the local dignitary Mr George Gavin that he persuaded the inhabitants to move the whole thing half a mile so he would not to look at the "dirty town". The new town was called Gavintown and had over 400 people living there in 1801.[1]


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