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Language-Sensitive Editor (LSE) is a full-screen visual editor for the VAX/VMS and OpenVMS Operating systems. LSE is implemented by using the Text Processing Utility (TPU) language. It is part of the DECset programming tool set, which also contains a test manager, the performance and coverage analyzer (PCA), a code management system (CMS), and a module management mystem (MMS).[1]


LSE requires the features of a VT100 terminal and successors, or a compatible terminal emulator. It has the following features:[2]

  • Syntax templates for a number of programming languages, which can be modified or extended by the user.
  • Windowing support.
  • Compilation and debug within editor.
  • Programmable editing functions.
  • EDT keypad layout default.


As shipped in 1999 LSE came with templates for the following programming languages:[1]

As of 2007 the following additional templates were supplied:[3]


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