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LanguageTool WikiCheck
LanguageTool WikiCheck
Developer(s)Daniel Naber and Marcin Miłkowski
Initial release15 August 2005; 14 years ago (2005-08-15)
Stable release4.8 (27 December 2019; 24 days ago (2019-12-27)) [±][1]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inJava
PlatformJava SE
  • Desktop app: 156 MB[2]
  • n-gram data: 8.34 GB[3]
TypeGrammar checker
LicenseGNU LGPL v2.1+

LanguageTool is a free and open-source grammar checker, and all its features are available for download.[4] LanguageTool website connects to a proprietary sister project LanguageTool Plus, which provides improved error detection for English and German, as well as easier revision of longer texts, following the open-core model.

LanguageTool was started by Daniel Naber for his diploma thesis[5] in 2003 (then written in Python). It now supports 31 languages, each developed by volunteer maintainers, usually native speakers of said languages.[6] Based on error detection patterns, rules are created and then tested for a given text.

The core app itself is free and open-source, and can be downloaded for offline use. Some languages use 'n-gram' data,[7] which is massive and requires considerable processing power and I/O speed, for some extra detections. As such, LanguageTool is also offered as a web service that does the processing of 'n-grams' data on the server side. LanguageTool Plus also uses n-grams as part of its freemium business model.

LanguageTool web service can be used via a web interface in a web browser, or via a specialized client-side plug-ins for Microsoft Office,[8] LibreOffice,[9] Apache OpenOffice,[10] Vim,[11][12] Emacs,[13][14] Firefox,[15] Thunderbird,[16] and Google Chrome.[17] Its web app client can also be integrated on websites.[18]

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