Language Computer Corporation

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Language Computer Corporation
Industry Software, Research and development, Natural Language Processing
Founded 1995
Headquarters Richardson, Texas
Products Question Answering and Information Extraction products, see Products
Number of employees
12 (2010)

Language Computer Corporation (LCC) is a natural language processing research company based in Richardson, Texas. The company develops a variety of natural language processing products, including software for question answering, information extraction, and automatic summarization.[1]

Since its founding in 1995, the low-profile company has landed significant United States Government contracts, with $8,353,476 in contracts in 2006-2008.[2]

While the company has focused primarily on the government software market,[3] LCC has also used its technology to spin off three start-up companies. The first spin off, known as Lymba Corporation, markets the PowerAnswer question answering product originally developed at LCC.[4][5] In 2010, LCC's CEO, Andrew Hickl, co-founded two start-ups which made use of the company's technology. These included Swingly, an automatic question answering start-up,[6] and Extractiv, an information extraction service that was founded in partnership with Houston, Texas-based 80legs.[7]


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