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The Language Creation Conference (LCC) is an annual or biennial conference about conlanging, organized by the Language Creation Society (LCS).[1] It focuses primarily on the process of creating new languages, but also features talks that focus on features of various specific languages. Activities include technical linguistic discussions and general, sociological, or philosophical debates and discussions.

Year Conference City Country Local Host(s)
1st 2006 LCC1 Berkeley, California United States Sai
2nd 2007 LCC2 Berkeley, California United States Sai and Alex Fink
3rd 2009 LCC3 Providence, Rhode Island United States David Durand
4th 2011 LCC4 Groningen Netherlands Christophe Grandsire
5th 2013 LCC5 Austin, Texas United States Alex Sands
6th 2015 LCC6 Horsham, West Sussex United Kingdom Pete Bleackley, Alex Fink and Lykara Ryder


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