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Chad has two official languages, French and Modern Standard Arabic, and over 120 indigenous languages. A vernacular version of Arabic, Chadian Arabic, is the lingua franca. Of the two official languages, French has the most speakers in Chad (though Chadian Arabic has more speakers in Chad than both French and Standard Arabic) [1]. Chad submitted an application to join the Arab League as a member state on 25 March 2014, which is still pending.[1]

Chadian Sign Language is actually Nigerian Sign Language, a dialect of American Sign Language; Andrew Foster introduced ASL in the 1960s, and Chadian teachers for the deaf train in Nigeria.

Niger–Congo languages[edit]

Nilo-Saharan languages[edit]

Afro-Asiatic languages[edit]

(Ethnologue lists 54 Chadic languages in Chad altogether, many of them small.)

Creole languages[edit]

Unclassified languages[edit]

  • Laal (749, SIL 2000)


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