Languages of Cornwall

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Languages of Cornwall
Official languagesNone. English (spoken by ~99% of the population) is de facto. Cornish (< 1%) is recognized as a minority language.
Main immigrant languagesPolish
Main foreign languagesFrench
Sign languagesBritish Sign Language
Common keyboard layouts

Even if no language is formally recognised as official in the ceremonial county of Cornwall, English is used for all official purposes. Cornish, which had been used as a primary language by Cornish people throughout most of its history, ceased to be spoken as community tongue in the late 17th century. However, it has been revived since 1904, with the publication of A Handbook of Cornish language, by Henry Jenner. Nowadays, it is recognised as a regional language of England.

Anglo-Cornish (also known as Cornish English, Cornu-English, or Cornish dialect) is a dialect of English spoken in Cornwall by Cornish people. Dialectal English spoken in Cornwall is to some extent influenced by Cornish grammar, and often includes words derived from the Cornish language. The Cornish language is a Celtic language of the Brythonic branch, as are the Welsh and Breton languages.

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