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Langvassåga 02.JPG
Langvassåga west of the bridge
Country Norway
Physical characteristics
Main source Langvatnet
50 m (160 ft)  above sea level
River mouth Ranelva
46 m (151 ft)  above sea level
Basin features
River system Ranelva
Basin size 1,114 km2 (430 sq mi)

Langvassåga is a river that flows out of the lake Langvatnet in the municipality of Rana in Nordland county, Norway. It flows in a southeastern direction, then it's joined by the river Røvassåga, and then continues as a tributary to the main river Ranelva, south of the village of Røssvoll. The Langvassåga catchment area covers about 1,114 square kilometres (430 sq mi). The river passes by the Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll.[1]

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Coordinates: 66°23′22″N 14°15′49″E / 66.3895°N 14.2637°E / 66.3895; 14.2637