Lanier family tree

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The Lanier family tree contains a number of musicians in the English royal court. This tree is not complete but is focused on showing the relationship of the well-known members of the family.

Baptista Bassano
Emilia Bassano
Margaret Johnson
Alphonse Lanier
John Lanier
Innocent Lanier
the Lanier line in Virginia, which includes Sidney Lanier, Tennessee Williams and Quincy Jones
Lucreece unknown
Jerome Lanier
Robert Lanier
Anthony Bassano
Clement Lanier
the Lanier line in Barbados
Lucretia Bassano
Rebecca unknown
Elena DeNazzi
Hannah Collett
nine other children
Andrea Lanier
Jacomo Bassano
Ellen Lanier
Jeronimo Bassano
Orsetta Griti
Alphonse Ferrabosco
Frances Lanier
Jasper Bassano
Mary Lanier
Katherine Lanier
Nicholas Lanier the Elder
John Lanier
John Bassano
Nicholas Lanier
Alvise Bassano
Laura Bassano
Joseph Lupo