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Not to be confused with the Legg Mason Lifestyle Allocation 85% I (LANIX) Fund, a fund of funds product of Legg Mason.
Founded 1990; 27 years ago (1990)[1]
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico (Administrative)
Hermosillo, Mexico (Production)[1]
Products Consumer and professional electronics
Number of employees
1,000 (Mexico only)[2]

Lanix is a Mexican multinational electronics company based in Hermosillo, Mexico.[1] It is Mexico's largest domestically owned electronics company,[1][2] and sells a wide array of both consumer and professional electronics. Lanix sells products under its own brand and is also an OEM/ODM, a company which designs and manufactures products on behalf of another company which then brands it under their name.[3][4]


Lanix was founded in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico in 1990, and released its first computer, the PC 286 the same year. [1][5] Throughout the 1990s Lanix expanded into the development and production of more sophisticated electronics components such as optical drives, servers, memory drives and flash memory. In 2002 Lanix opened its first factory outside of Mexico in Santiago, Chile to cater to the Latin American market.

By 2006 Lanix had gained a market share of 5% of Mexico's electronics market and began diversifying its product line to include LCD televisions and monitors[6] and in 2007 began manufacturing mobile phones. Currently Lanix offers products in the consumer, professional and government markets throughout Latin America.[7]

In 2010 Lanix announced an ambitious plan to gain market share in the Latin American computer market and expanded operations to include every country in Latin America[2]

Lanix has production facilities at its original headquarters in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and international facilities in Santiago, Chile and Bogota, Colombia.[5]

At the 2009 Intel Solutions Summit hosted by Intel, Lanix won an award in the "mobile solution" category.[8]

In March 2011, Lanix began offering a system where buyers can custom build their own computer, choosing different types of chipsets, memory, and other components.[9]


As of 2010, Lanix manufactures desktops,[10] laptops,[11] tablets,[12][13] servers,[14] netbooks,[15] LCD and LED televisions,[2] and monitors,[16] optical disc drives,[17] smartphones[12][18] flash memory and random-access memory.[19]

As of 2010, it made one of the most powerful production Windows desktops in the world, the Lanix Titan Magnum Extreme.[20]

Smartphones and tablet computers[edit]

Lanix W10 tablet PC running Windows 7

In 2007, Lanix announced a mobile division specializing in developing smartphones and tablets. In 2010, it showed a smartphone named the Illium running the Android operating system.[21] Lanix smartphones are offered by Telcel, a subsidiary of América Móvil.[22]

In 2010, Lanix unveiled a tablet computer named the W10 running Windows 7.[23][24] An Android version will be available through Telcel.[25]

Mexican government contracts[edit]

Lanix has won several major contracts to provide electronics to government entities in Mexico which has been a key part of the company's success[2][5] including a contract from the Mexican secretary of education (Secretaría de Educación Pública) to supply 16,000 classrooms across Mexico with computers.[26]


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