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Lankapuvath (National News Agency of Sri Lanka)
Type online
Country Sri Lanka
Availability National
Official website

Lankapuvath is Sri Lanka’s National News Agency and is the only News Agency in the country. It is a company of five partners, national dailies and main national electronic media institutions.

The share holders of Lankapuvath are Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), Independent Television Network (ITN), and Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL) well known as the “Lake House”. It is managed by a Board of Directors composed of the Chairmen of above institutions.

Lankapuvath was established in 1978 as a result of an idea generated at the UNESCO. Lankapuvath has provided comprehensive coverage of Sri Lankan and foreign news for over 25 years, drawing on its network of over 30 countries worldwide, via an active link with the National News Agencies of the Organisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA Pool).

Lankapuvath distributes news and images via the Internet, TV, SMS and mobile phones. This output is supplemented by additional services aimed at catering to news requests from a demanding public.[clarification needed]

General News Service[edit]

Lankapuvath’s general news service runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, tackling Politics, Business and Finance, Current Affairs, Sports and Entertainment, Environmental Issues and Development News.

Regional News[edit]

The regional service provides news bulletins on specific sectors, including the local environment, health, public services, tourism and agriculture. In addition, the service also features news, developments in the regional areas, national and international events that are specific to the region.

LANKAPUVATH POLITICAL NEWS is a daily news service that covers the latest issues on politics. It features interviews, analysis, commentary, documentations and overviews with particular focus on sector politics, legislation and finance. It also offers a daily agenda.

LANKAPUVATH ENVIRONMENT is a daily update aimed at businesses, public authorities and professionals. It looks at key environmental issues, such as waste, water, energy and pollution as well as the development of sector-related regional and national legislation.

LANKAPUVATH SPORT offers sports news. Each day it provides information and news on three main sport events nationally and internationally.

LANKAPUVATH TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT Lankapuvath Travel & Entertainment is a new video news system that broadcasts Travel & Entertainment news. The news items alternate with images of places of interest and entertainment news and images.

Its team of journalists, producers and technicians provide a broad schedule that is continuously updated.[citation needed]

Lankapuvath Live[edit]

Lankapuvath offers video news. News items are updated every hour with video contributions from across the world. “Lankapuvath Live” can be viewed over mobile phones via GPRS.

Lankapuvath Live Headlines[edit]

This provides video clips updated 24 times each day and divided into the following sections: world news, Sri Lankan news, sports, economy, business, financial, entertainment and weather. Lankapuvath live headlines cover world events.

Lankapuvath Live by Mobile Phone[edit]

Sri Lankan and international news, as well as events in politics, the economy finance, sports, culture and entertainment are available via SMS, MMS and mobile portals in photo text and video formats.

The service is available through mobile phone operators.[edit]

The website has been among the top news portals with millions of pages viewed and more than three million readers every month.[citation needed]

This service mainly targets over 2 million Sri Lankans living overseas.

Lankapuvath Web News And Lankapuvath Web News Plus[edit]

This is a news service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Published on the website it covers the main national and international developments in current affairs, economics, politics, sports, culture, entertainment, science and cinema.

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