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Rows of orchids inside a research greenhouse

The Lankester Botanical Gardens are a set of gardens outside of Cartago, Costa Rica. The garden is open to the public, but is operated by the University of Costa Rica as a research center.


The garden was originally created as a private garden by British orchid enthusiast Charles H. Lankester in the 1940s. After his death, the American Orchid Society and the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust worked to have the gardens preserved, and on March 2nd, 1973, the garden was donated to the University of Costa Rica.

Exterior of Lankester Botanical Gardens


The mission statement of Lankester Garden is to "promote conservation, enjoyment and sustainable use of the epiphytic flora through scientific research, horticulture, and environmental education." [1]

The garden sits on 11 hectares (27.2 acres) and is home to over 3000 species of plants, principally epiphytes, including orchids and bromeliads.

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Jardin Botánico Lankester (English)

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