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Lanoh people
Orang Lanoh
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Perak, Malaysia
Lanoh, Malay
Traditional religion
Related ethnic groups
Orang Asli, Semangs

The Lanoh are a group classified as "Orang Asli" ("original people") by the government of Malaysia. They live in the Malay Peninsula and number around 300.[1]

The Lanoh were once nomadic, but many of them now live in permanent villages in the Hulu Perak district of Perak State.[citation needed]

Following European contact, the Lanoh were hunter-gatherers using caves, many within the state of Perak, as shelters during hunting trips. Approximately 100 years ago, they made charcoal drawings on the walls of caves.[citation needed]

The majority of Lanoh live in the jungle, but other Lanoh reside in urban areas where they are engaged in employment, largely on rubber and oil palm estates.[citation needed] The Lanoh believe that all living things, both plants and animals have their own spirit and with it influence the world.[citation needed] They believe people should be linked symbiotically with the other animals and plants. The belief in the spirits of living beings to make them afraid of the spirits of dead people (especially their ancestors) and of the spirits of the game animals.[citation needed]

In fact, there is a custom that is in quality of law in his village which is to hunt the animals trying not to cause to them any pain.[citation needed]

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