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Lansing Delta Township Assembly (GM LDT) is a General Motors automobile assembly factory in Delta Township, Michigan on land that is shared by both the nearby city of Lansing, and the township. It manufactures Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC vehicles.

Completed in 2006, the factory measures 3,400,000 square feet (320,000 m2) in size, and employed 3,634 hourly workers, and 262 salaried workers as of 2010.[1] The adjacent Lansing Regional Stamping employed 243 hourly workers, and 17 salary workers for a total of 4,156 workers in the factory complex.[1] Its workers are represented by UAW 602 and 652, respectively.

"Green" Factory[edit]

Lansing Delta Township Assembly is a LEED gold-certified automobile plant. [2]

Environmental features of the factory include:

  • a 45% reduction in non-manufacturing water use, saving over 4,000,000 US gallons (15,000 m3) of water a year.
  • a roof drain system which catches rain water and diverts to cisterns stored above the factory's restrooms, which is then used to flush toilets.
  • having 25% of the plant's construction materials composed of recycled materials.
  • leaving 50% of the site undeveloped
  • a 20% reduction in energy used for lighting the plant by lowering overall lighting in areas such as aisles.
  • the elimination of ozone-depleting substances used in any of the building’s heating and cooling, refrigeration, and fire suppression systems.

The factory grounds also contain a 75-acre (30 ha) wildlife area managed by the factory's Wildlife Habitat Team, who also hosts wildlife educational events for local community groups and schools.

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