Lansing Grand River Assembly

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Lansing Grand River Assembly
Built1999 (1999)
LocationLansing, Michigan, United States
Coordinates42°43′22″N 84°33′42″W / 42.72278°N 84.56167°W / 42.72278; -84.56167Coordinates: 42°43′22″N 84°33′42″W / 42.72278°N 84.56167°W / 42.72278; -84.56167
IndustryAutomobile manufacturing
Area3,400,000 square feet (315,870 m2) on 111 acres (45 ha)
Address920 Townsend Street, Lansing, Michigan 48921

Lansing Grand River Assembly (LGR) is a General Motors owned and operated automobile assembly facility located in Lansing, Michigan, United States. Lansing Grand River Assembly produces vehicles built upon the GM Alpha platform including the Cadillac CT4, Cadillac CT4-V, Cadillac CT5, Cadillac CT5-V and Chevrolet Camaro.

The Lansing Grand River Assembly facility includes a body shop, paint shop, general assembly and central utilities complex.


The Lansing Grand River Assembly complex began construction in 1999 and began operations in 2001. It replaced the Lansing Car Assembly, Lansing Metal Center, and the Lansing Craft Center. On September 16, 2013, Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant had produced its 1 millionth Cadillac vehicle, a 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan with Red Obsession Tintcoat body color.[1][2]




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