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6 volt & 4.5 volt lantern batteries

A lantern battery is a rectangular battery, typically an alkaline or zinc-carbon primary battery, used primarily in flashlights or lanterns. Lantern batteries are physically larger and consequently offer higher capacity than the more common torch batteries. Lantern batteries comprise multiple cells inside a housing.

The most common variant in the US is the 6 volt square-base battery with spring terminals. In Europe the most common is the 4.5 volt flat-pack types.[citation needed]

Common variants[edit]

6 volt[edit]

The 6-volt variety typically has spring or screw terminals. Utilizing various internal construction styles, the same package size may be made up with "D" size or "F" size cells, offering various capacities. A rechargeable version, comprising a three-cell sealed lead-acid battery with a lower capacity than primary versions, has also been marketed.[1] They are also used in the construction industry for powering flashing lights at roadworks.[2]

4.5 volt[edit]

4.5-volt, D, C, AA, AAA, AAAA, A23, 9-volt, CR2032 and LR44 batteries

More common in Europe and Russian Federation, this is a smaller, flat-pack battery mostly used in flashlights. It uses two metal strips as terminals. The shorter strip is the + terminal.

7.5 volt[edit]

The 7.5-volt version has screw terminals and rectangular base. A carrying handle is usually connected between the terminals.

12 volt[edit]

The 12-volt version has screw terminals and a rectangular base. Since it is 12-volt, this type can be used to power car accessories outside of an automobile, using extra wiring or an adapter.

Specifications and designations[edit]

Name IEC number ANSI/NEDA Manufacturer designations Capacity (Ah) [3] Dimensions (mm)
4.5 Volt [4] 3R12, 3LR12 3R12, 3LR12, 4.5v G3LR12, 1289/AD28, 210, GP312S, MN1203, 3336 3 – 4.8 67 × 62 × 22
6 Volt, Spring fitting[5] 4R25X, 4LR25X 908AC, 908C, 908CD, 908D EN1209, EN529, MN908, EV90, EV90HP, GP908, PJ996 12 – 26 115 × 68.2 × 68.2
6 volt, Screw fitting[6] 4R25Y, 4LR25Y 915A EN528 26 109.5 × 66.7 × 66.7
6 Volt, double[7] 4R25-2, 4LR25-2 918A EN521, MN918, GP918S, GP918G, 918/1231 52 125.4 × 132.5 × 73
7.5 Volt[8] 5LR25-2 903AC EN715, PC903 43 97 × 184.2 × 103.2
12 Volt[9] 8R25 926 EN732, PC926 7.5 125.4 × 136.5 × 73

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