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Lantmäteriets office in Gävle
Lantmäteriets office in Gävle

Lantmäteriet, (The Swedish National Land Survey) the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, is a government agency in Sweden that provides information on Swedish geography and property. Its main seat is in Gävle. Susanne Ås Sivborg is currently the Director General of the organisation.

About Lantmäteriet[1][edit]

Lantmäteriet maps the country, demarcates boundaries and helps guarantee secure ownership of Sweden’s real property. The organisation also provides Sweden’s geography and real properties information.

It also provide services for subdivisions or changes in land boundaries. The organisation handles applications for registered ownership and ensures that registration of ownership is done in the real property register.

Organisation in Brief[2][edit]

Lantmäteriet has three divisions, each responsible for different business areas.

The Cadastral Services Division is responsible for property division: in other words, it makes decisions on new property units and making changes to existing boundaries. The division is also responsible for making decisions concerning joint properties, easements and rights of way.

The Land Registration Division examines, makes decisions on and registers title transactions, mortgages, site leasehold rights and other rights that are then recorded in the Real Property Register. The division also makes decisions on and handles stamp duty and charges.

The Geodata Division gathers, stores and updates information on Sweden’s geography and properties, and makes the information available to the public, the public sector and the private sector.


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