Lanxi, Zhejiang

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County-level city
Lanxi Aerial.jpg
Country China
Province Zhejiang
Prefecture-level city Jinhua
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Lanxi also known as Lanchi (Chinese: 兰溪; pinyin: Lánxī) is a county-level city under the administration of the prefecture-level city Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, China.

The city executive, legislature and judiciary are at Lanjiang Jiedao(Lanjiang Sub-district, 兰江街道), together with the CPC and PSB branches. The town lies on the Lan River (Lanjiang), a tributary of the Fuchun River, both north-flowing; the Fuchun River empties into Hangzhou Bay.


The city's population was estimated (1999) at approximately 104,000 inhabitants.

Night skyline

Now is around 660,000 (2017).


Towns (镇, zhen)[edit]

  • Huangdian (黄店)
  • Zhuge (诸葛)
  • Majian (馬澗)
  • Youbu (游埠)

Notice that Lanjiang Zhen had been cancelled and changed into Lanjiang Jiedao.

Sub-district (街道,Jiedao)[edit]

  • Lanjiang (兰江)
  • Chixi (赤溪)
  • Nyubu (女埠)

Notice that some of the area of Nyvbu had been accepted by Lanjiang Jiedao.

  • Yunshan (云山)
  • Yongchang (永昌)
  • Shanghua (上华)

Townships (乡, xiang)[edit]

  • Shuiting She-nation Ethnic Township (水亭畲族乡)


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