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Lanzhou Metro
LocaleLanzhou, Gansu, China
Transit typeRapid Transit
Number of lines2 (under construction)
1 (planning)
Number of stations20 (under construction)
Operation will startJune 2019
Operator(s)Lanzhou Railway Company
System length26.78 km (16.6 mi)
System map

Lanzhou Metro.svg

Lanzhou Metro
Simplified Chinese兰州地铁
Traditional Chinese蘭州地鐵

Lanzhou Metro or Lanzhou Rail Transit is a rapid transit system under construction in Lanzhou, Gansu. The vision for the Lanzhou Metro includes three urban metro lines totaling 90 kilometers (56 mi), and two 117-kilometer (73 mi) suburban rail lines.[1][2] Due to the urban geography of Lanzhou following a river valley, most of the urban rail network will run east-west parallel to the Yellow River. The two regional lines will connect the main urban centre with Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, Yuzhong county and Gaolan county.[1] The first two lines will cost about 23 billion yuan ($3.6 billion) and be completed by 2020.[3]

Lines under trials[edit]

Line Terminals Commencement Length
 1  Chenguanying
End of 2018 26.78 20

Line 1[edit]

Dongfanghong Square Station under construction in October 2017

Line 1 started construction on July 9, 2012. Line 1 is 26.78 kilometers (16.6 mi) with 20 stations.[4][5] The line is completely underground with a completion deadline of 2017.[1] The opening date for Line 1 was pushed to 2018.[6] The operating speed will be 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph).[7] At least some of the stations are fitted with full glass platform screen doors.[8]

On 22 October 2015, a fire broke out at the construction site of Donggang station. No casualties were reported by authorities.[9]

Lines under construction or planning[edit]

Line 2[edit]

Line 2 was planned to start construction at the end of 2015.[10] Built in phases, the first phase is 9.06 kilometers (5.6 mi) with 9 new stations (connecting to the existing Dongfanghong Square station of line 1). It will run from Yanbei Road to Dongfanghong Square, all within Chengguan district .

In December 2017, tunnel boring for the second line commenced. The tunnel will be at depths between 6.3 metres (21 ft) and 16.8 metres (55 ft).[11]


Under construction:[2]

  • Yanbei Road (雁北路)
  • Yanyuan Road (雁园路)
  • Yannan Road (雁南路)
  • Wulipu (五里铺)
  • Dingxi Road (定西路)
  • Fifth Bus Company (公交五分公司)
  • Railway station (火车站), transfer to Lanzhou Railway Station
  • Postal building (邮电大楼)
  • Province capitol station (省政府站)
  • Dongfanghong Square station (东方红广场站)


  • Nanguangshizi (南关什字)
  • Shuangchengmen (双城门)
  • Sunjiatai (孙家台)
  • Shangxiyuan (上西园)
  • Lanzhou University of Technology (兰州理工大学)
  • Wuwei Road (武威路)
  • West Railway Station (西客站站), transfer to line 1, high speed and heavy rail
  • Huoxing Road (火星路)
  • Yellow River Market (黄河市场)
  • Shilidian (十里店)
  • Baile Square (培黎广场)
  • Shuiguazhuang (水挂庄)
  • Lanzhou Jiaotong University (兰州交通大学)
  • Feijiaying (费家营)
  • Cuijiazhuang (崔家庄)
  • Majiazhuang (马家庄)
  • Huangjiatan (黄家滩)
  • Xiahewan (下河湾)

Line 3[edit]

Line 3 is entirely in the planning phase.



  • Railway station (火车站), transfer to Lanzhou Railway Station
  • Hezheng Road (和政路)
  • Five springs square (五泉广场)
  • Zhengning Road (正宁路)
  • Xiguan (西关), transfer to line 1
  • Miaotanzi (庙滩子)
  • Caochang Street (草场街)
  • Yanchangbao (盐场堡)
  • Xingangcheng (新港城)
  • Yanxi Road (雁西路)
  • Yanbei Road (雁北路), transfer to line 2
  • Arts college (文理学院)
  • Baidaoping (白道坪)
  • Doudaogou (陡道沟)

Line 4[edit]

Line 4 is entirely in the planning phase.



  • Yantan Road (雁滩路)
  • Yantanshizi (雁滩什字)
  • Yanyuan Road (雁园路), transfer to line 2
  • Yanxing Road (雁兴路)
  • Yandong Street (雁东街)
  • Fanjiawan (范家湾)
  • Donggang (东岗), transfer to line 1
  • Heping (和平)
  • Weiliu Road (纬六路)
  • Dingyuan (定远)
  • New Technology City (科技新城)

Line 5[edit]

Line 5 is entirely in the planning phase and is planned to be from Chengguan District to Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport via Zhonghe town in Gaolan County.[2]

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