Lanzhou West Railway Station

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China Railway High-speed
Lanzhou West Railway Station 2015.jpg
Lanzhou West Railway Station
Other names Lanzhou Xi
Location Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu
Coordinates 36°4′1″N 103°45′11″E / 36.06694°N 103.75306°E / 36.06694; 103.75306
Operated by Ministry of Railways of the People's Republic of China

Longhai Railway, Lan-Xin Railway,
Baoji–Lanzhou High-Speed Railway

Lanzhou–Zhongchuan Airport Intercity Railway
Lanzhou–Ürümqi High-Speed Railway
Platforms 24
4 (metro) (2 side, 11 island)
  • Bus terminal

26 December 2014 (current)

1953 (former)
Closed 9 March 2012 (former)

Lanzhou West Railway Station is located in Qilihe District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province on Xi Zhan Xi Road (西站西路). It is served by the Longhai Railway, Lan-Xin Railway, Lanzhou–Ürümqi High-Speed Railway, Lanzhou–Zhongchuan Airport Intercity Railway and Baoji–Lanzhou High-Speed Railway (u/c), in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. It is one of the principal station.

Former Lanzhou West Railway Station[edit]

The original station was built in 1953 and was classed as a secondary station within Lanzhou, with most rail traffic stopping at nearby Lanzhou Railway Station, 8 km to the east. There were just 11 services daily stopping at this station, all for local and regional destinations within Gansu and Qinghai.

The former Lanzhou West Railway Station officially closed on March 9, 2012, for renovation and construction of the current station complex.[1]

View of the exterior of the old Lanzhou West Railway Station.
View of the exterior of the old Lanzhou West Railway Station.
Ticket Hall of the old Lanzhou West Railway Station. No train service here since March 2013 but ticketing service is still available.
View of the closed platforms of the old Lanzhou West Railway Station

Current Lanzhou West Railway Station[edit]

Situated a kilometre to the west of the old station, a new high speed railway station was constructed. This station has become the centre for most high speed services in Lanzhou, equalling Lanzhou Railway Station in importance for long distance and regional rail services. It will also serve as a major transportation interchange with a major long distance and local bus terminal plus connections to Lanzhou Metro's Lines 1 and 2 (U/C). Built on the site of a former rail freight yard at a cost of 3.188 billion Yuan,[2] it dwarfs the former Lanzhou West Railway Station in almost every respect in terms of size and services. The entire station site encompasses over 680,000m2 of space. The station hall is built over 5 main levels, 2 above ground and 3 below, with an area of 220,000m2, making it the largest transportation building in Lanzhou. It features 13 platforms, 2 side platforms and 11 island platforms, servicing 26 tracks. It opened on December 26, 2014.[3] This was in line with the opening of the Lanzhou-Ürümqi High Speed Railway.[4]

Cranes above the new High Speed Railway Lanzhou West Railway Station under construction July 2013
Formwork rising up at the new High Speed Railway Lanzhou West Railway Station under construction July 2013
CRH5A bound for Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Railway Station at Lanzhou West Railway Station


Bus lines[edit]

The adjacent bus station (兰州西客站) offers connections to destinations in all directions, including the city centre and Lanzhou Railway Station. [5][6]

Metro lines[edit]

  • 1