Lao Chongguang

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Lao Chongguang
Viceroy of Liangguang
In office
Preceded by Wang Qingyun
Succeeded by Liu Changyou
Personal details
Died 1867
Education Jinshi degree in the Imperial Examination
Occupation Politician

Lao Chongguang (simplified Chinese: 劳崇光; traditional Chinese: 勞崇光; pinyin: Láo Chóngguāng) (1802–67) was a Chinese official during the Qing dynasty and a native of Changsha County, Changsha, Hunan.

Personal life[edit]

His grandson is the Doctor of Philosophy Lao Sze-Kwang.

Political career[edit]

Lao Chongguang was considered an eminent official, as he had scored impressively high on the jinshi, the imperial examination. On October 7, 1859, Lao Chongguang was appointed governor general of Liangguang.[1] In March 1860, Lao met with Harry Smith Parkes, the British consul in Guangzhou, and leased Kowloon and Stonecutters Island to the United Kingdom.[2]

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Government offices
Preceded by
Wang Qingyun
Viceroy of Liangguang
Succeeded by
Liu Changyou
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