Lao Lom

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Lao Lom
Total population
(27,000 (est.))
Regions with significant populations
Thailand, Laos
Thai, Lao
Theravada Buddhism

The Lao Lom (Thai: ลาวหล่ม; also called Tai Lom or Tai Loei) are an ethnic group in Thailand and Laos. They should not be confused with the Lao Loum (lowland Lao), who make up approximately 69% of the population of Laos.

Geographic distribution[edit]

The Lao Lom have a population of approximately 27,000 spread out over the Loei, Phetchabun and Nong Khai Provinces of Thailand. There are also Lao Lom in the Bokeo Province of Laos.


The Lao Lom are known for a social way of life.