Lao Loum

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Lao Loum
LuangNamtha ThatLuangNamtha7 tango7174.jpg
Images of the Lao Loum (centre) with the Lao Soung and the Lao Theung
Total population
12 million (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Laos, Thailand
Lao, Thai, other Tai languages
Theravada Buddhism and Satsana Phi

The Lao Loum (Lao: ລາວລຸ່ມ; Thai: ลาวลุ่ม, RTGSLao Lum, pronounced [lāːw lûm]) is an official Lao People's Democratic Republic designation for lowland dwelling Tai peoples, including the majority Lao people. The Lao Loum, literally meaning "lowland Lao," are the inhabitants of the river valleys and lowlands along the Mekong River and make up over 68% of the population of Laos, of whom, half are of the Lao ethnic group. Other members categorised as Lao Loum are the other large Tai groups, such as the Phuan and Phuthai and other closely related members of Tai ethnic groups.