Laos national rugby union team

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Lao Rugby Logo.jpg
UnionLao Rugby Federation
First international
 Malaysia 34 - 10 Laos
(17 November 1974)
Largest win
 Brunei 7 - 70 Laos
(28 June 2012)
Largest defeat
 Sri Lanka 39 - 3 Laos
(11 November 1974)
World Cup Sevens

The Laos national rugby union team represents Laos in international rugby union. The team's first international match was against Malaysia in 1974, losing 34 points to 10. After this the Laotian team did not field an international side again until 2006. With the recent reorganisation of the Asian rugby union competition structure they are set to play more often in the future. The Lao Rugby Federation is the governing body. Laos has been an associate member of World Rugby (formerly IRB) since November 2004.

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