Lapathus (Cyprus)

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Map showing the ancient city Kingdoms of Cyprus
Lapathus (Cyprus) is located in Cyprus
Lapathus (Cyprus)
Shown within Cyprus
Coordinates35°21′19″N 33°11′52″E / 35.355404°N 33.197851°E / 35.355404; 33.197851Coordinates: 35°21′19″N 33°11′52″E / 35.355404°N 33.197851°E / 35.355404; 33.197851

Lapathus (Phoenician: 𐤋‬𐤐‬𐤈, LPṬ;[1] Greek: Λάπαθος, Lápathos),[2] also recorded as Lapethus (Λάπηθος, Lápēthos),[3][4] Lepethis (Ληπηθίς, Lēpēthís),[5] and Lapithus (Λάπιθος, Lápithos),[6] was an ancient Cypriot town near present-day Lampousa and Karavas.[7][8]


The foundation of Lapathus was credited to the Phoenicians.[9] Nonnus claimed the name derived from an eponymous Lapathus, a follower of Dionysus.[10] Strabo said that it received a Spartan colony headed by Praxander.[2] He adds that it was situated opposite to the town of Nagidus in Cilicia and possessed a harbour and docks.[2] It was situated in the north of the island, on a river of the same name and in a district called Lapethia (Λαπηθία, Lapēthía).[11]

In the war between Ptolemy and Antigonus, Lapathus and its king Praxippus sided with the latter.[12] The name of the place became synonymous with stupidity.[13]



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