Lapland (former province of Finland)

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Province of Lapland
Lapin lääni
Lapplands län
Province of Finland


Coat of arms of Lapland

Coat of arms

Location of Lapland
Capital Rovaniemi
 •  Established 1938
 •  Disestablished 2009
 •  1 January 1993 98,937 km2 (38,200 sq mi)
 •  1 January 1993 202,433 
Density 2 /km2  (5.3 /sq mi)
 •  31 December 2009 183,775 
Density 1.9 /km2  (4.8 /sq mi)

The Province of Lapland (Finnish: Lapin lääni, Swedish: Lapplands län) was a province of Finland from 1938 to 2009.

It was established in 1938, when it was separated from the Province of Oulu. After the Second World War, the Petsamo municipality (former province) and part of the Salla municipality were ceded to the Soviet Union.



The State Provincial Office was a joint regional authority of seven different ministries. It promoted national and regional objectives of the State central administration.


The province of Lapland was reorganized into one region:

Municipalities in 2009 (cities in bold)[edit]

Former municipalities (disestablished before 2009)[edit]


Coordinates: 66°30′14″N 25°43′46″E / 66.50396°N 25.72936°E / 66.50396; 25.72936