Lapping Park

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Lapping Memorial Park
Silver Creek Lapping.jpg
The banks of Silver Creek at Lapping Park
Type Municipal
Location Clarksville, Indiana
Coordinates Lat 38.34 Long -85.77[1]
Area 332 acres (0.52 mi²) (0.84 km²)
Operated by Clarksville Parks Department
Status Open all year

Lapping Memorial Park is a park located in the town of Clarksville, Indiana. The park is a 332-acre (1.34 km2) park that features play grounds, a Disc Golf course, softball fields, golf, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball space, horseshoe pits, amphitheater, lodge, shelter house, and three hiking trails immersed in a thick wooded scene.[2]

Woodland and wildlife[edit]

The western part of the park runs along the banks of Silver Creek.[3] The Knob and Valley Audubon Society (KAVAS) conducted a survey of birds in 1970 in which about 45 species were found to be inhabitants and visitors to the park including species of wood warbler, flycatchers, blue heron and woodpecker birds.[3] Other wild life include deer, beaver, foxes, squirrels, owls, opossum, and raccoons.[4]

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