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Lara Marlowe
Born California, United States
Nationality American
Education UCLA, Sorbonne, Oxford
Occupation Journalist
Years active 1981 – present
Notable credit(s) War correspondent (most recently Iraq War, Afghanistan, 2006 Lebanon War); Beirut Bureau Chief – Time Magazine (1981 – 1996); Middle East Correspondent – The Irish Times (1996 – 2009); US Correspondent – The Irish Times (2009 - 2012), Books: The Things I've Seen (2010), Painted with Words (2011)
Spouse(s) Robert Fisk (1994 – 2006)
Children none

Lara Marlowe is a United States journalist and author, who was the US correspondent for The Irish Times 2009-2012 before returning to Paris in 2013 as the paper's Paris correspondent. Marlowe also spent 15 years as a journalist for Time.


Born in California, Marlowe holds a B.A. in French from UCLA, a Master's in International Relations from Oxford, and also spent a year of study at the Sorbonne.

She often reported from Iraq following the 2003 US-led invasion. She worked previously for Time as their Beirut correspondent, and has been a guest for many other broadcast and print media. Marlowe is a leading journalist on the Middle East as well as domestic French politics. For her work she was made Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur in 2006.[1] She is a regular contributor to Newstalk 106 in Ireland.

As of 2009, Marlowe was based in Washington D.C. from where she has reported on the United States for the Irish Times. She has also travelled twice to Haiti reporting on the immediate aftermath of its catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, and again in July 2010. She returned to France as the Irish Times' Paris correspondent in 2013.

Lara Marlowe has written two books, The Things I've Seen (2010) and Painted with Words (2011).

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