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Lara Veronin
Lara ICRT.jpg
Lara Veronin at ICRT in 2019.
Background information
Birth nameLara Veronin
Also known asLara Liang (梁心頤)
Born (1988-05-02) 2 May 1988 (age 31)
California, United States
GenresPop, Folk rock
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, Actress
Years active2004–present
LabelsAlfa Music (2004–2009)
JVR Music (2009–2013)
Meimeiwawa Multimedia (2013-present)
Associated actsNan Quan Mama

Lara Veronin (born May 2, 1988[1]), more frequently known as Lara Liang (traditional Chinese: 梁心頤; simplified Chinese: 梁心颐; pinyin: Liáng Xīn Yí), is a mixed Taiwanese singer and celebrity. Her mother is Taiwanese and her father is Russian American.


Nan Quan Mama[edit]

Lara was born in California, United States in 1988, and she moved back to Taipei, Taiwan with her older sister, Esther Veronin, and her parents in 2001, where she graduated from Taipei American School in 2006.

Having participated in music performances and music groups from a young age, Veronin was discovered in 2005 by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou and became the female frontman in Chou's second iteration of his band project: "Nan Quan Mama".[2] That same year, Lara also skyrocketed to fame when she released a duet with Jay Chou titled "Coral Sea" (Chinese: 珊瑚海; pinyin: Shān Hú Hăi).[3] In Nan Quan Mama, Veronin acted not only as performer but often also as songwriter and/or lyricist, where she collaborated often with bandmate Chase Chang (Chinese: 張傑; pinyin: Zhāng Jíe) on creating tracks.

During this time, Veronin also made her first forays into acting, having starred in 2006 Taiwanese drama series Engagement for Love (simplified Chinese: 《爱情经纪约》; traditional Chinese: 《愛情經紀約》; pinyin: àiqíng jīngjì yuē) with Alex To and Ambrose Hsu.[4] She also was lead actress in 2012 Taiwanese drama series "Alice in Wonder City" (Chinese: 《給愛麗絲的奇蹟》; pinyin: gěi aìlìsī dė qíjī).[5]

JVR Music[edit]

In 2009, Lara left Nan Quan Mama and started her solo career at Jay Chou's label, JVR Music. On December 6, 2010, she formally released her first solo album, "Hello Lara Liang" (Chinese: 《Hello 梁心頤》).[6] Of the eleven songs on the album, one of the songs was an original that her father wrote when he was 19.[7]

On October 29, 2012, Lara released her second solo album titled "Free Spirit" (Chinese: 《自由靈魂》),[8] where she started participating in musical and creative direction, composing, and producing as well as in the styling and marketing aspects of album release. Her second album also boasted 11 songs, and she even collaborated with former Nan Quan Mama bandmate Chase on one of the songs, "Fragments"(Chinese: 《碎片》; pinyin: suì piàn).

The independent multimedia firm started by Lara and sister Esther Veronin

Meimeiwawa Multimedia[edit]

After much deliberation, Veronin decided to leave JVR Music in 2013 and founded Meimeiwawa Multimedia[9] (Chinese: 妹妹娃娃多媒體; pinyin: mèimèiwáwá dūoméitǐ; "Meiwa Media" for short) with her sister Esther Veronin. Meiwa Media, while simultaneously doubling as Lara's record label and talent agency, also operates as a creative platform putting out content in music, entertainment, and various other subjects. Over the years, the company has put out several visual ventures such as short films, vlogs, and an internet faux-reality web series, titled "Meiwa Diaries".[10] Temporarily setting aside music, Lara joined her sister in the ranks of film production and co-wrote a micro movie titled "TAWKI: Taipei As We Know It",[11] where she also played Holly, the lead. Since then, the Veronin sisters have put out multiple short films and micro movies with Lara as lead actress, including the 2014 production "Who Killed Joanna Wang?" starring Joanna Wang as well as the 2015 productions "Still Better Than Love" and "She Wore Red", which won the award for Best Cinematography in the Tainan 39-Hour Short Film Contestival.[12]

In 2015, Lara released her first single under the Meimeiwawa Multimedia label, a song called "Dida".[13] The accompanying music video was filmed in Taipei and directed by Esther Veronin. The video was selected as the theme song to the "Fluid Sexuality International Film Festival" in 2015 due to the face that it touched upon LGBT themes, something both Veronin sisters have publicly expressed support for.[14] The song was also released in collaboration with Red Cross Society of the Republic of China where a limited amount of physical albums were released for sale, and all profits went towards donations for the Red Cross.[15]

Over the next two years, three more of Lara's singles were released under Meiwa Media:

  • 2016《Where Do We Go》[16]
  • 2017《Play/Turn》
  • 2017《Sunshine》

In 2018, the Veronin sisters decided to challenge themselves by making Lara's third solo album, "Thousand-Faced Beast" into a feature-length film titled "Tomorrow's Star".[17] While Lara takes her debut on the silver screen, once again, as lead actress, she and Esther do not forget to focus on their imperative of empowering females in the independent art industry.[18] Other actors include known Taiwanese celebrities such as Mathilde Lin, Johnny Lu, Denny Huang, Phoebe Yuan, and Stephen Rong. All eight songs and their music videos from the album were woven into the movie in a manner akin to musical films, and four of the songs ("Thousand-Faced Beast", "Watch Out", "Precious Pain", and "No Absolutes") were also released separately as digital singles.[19]

Personal life[edit]

Besides voice acting for Disney, Veronin has dabbled in hosting for television and radio, as well as contributed articles to magazines. She stated that one of her first passions was, and is, writing and she hopes to pursue this in various ways in the future.

On 29 May 2015, Veronin's mother died after collapsing from a cardiac stress test due to complaints of chest pain.[20]

Solo Concerts[edit]

Since the release of her first album "《HELLO 梁心頤》" in 2010, Lara has been active in live performances. In 2015 she also took up a residency at Brown Sugar Jazz Club with sister Esther Veronin. While sometimes she performs with a backing track out of convenience, she tries to perform with a live band whenever possible.

Lara also performs frequently at schools and commercial events around Taiwan, as well as in Malaysia, Australia, and North America. Oftentimes during her solo performances, she also invites friends to join her onstage. Some performers that she's collaborated with in live gigs include, but are not limited to: Joanna Wang, Dawen,[21] Maxine Chi, Alex Ni, DJ Noodles, and Haor.[22]

Taiwan Solo Concerts
Series Years Month Day Venue City
《HELLO 梁心頤》Concert 2010 December 10 Eslite Bookstore Musicstore Taipei
12 Dream Mall Oval Plaza Kaohsiung
2011 April 3 Riverside Café Taipei
US Cotton Concert 2011 June 3 Legacy Taipei Taipei
《Freedom Flower》Music Party 2012 November 17 Park of South Tainan
18 Chungyo Department Store Taichung
24 Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza Kaohsiung
25 Taipei MetroTamsui metro station Back Plaza New Taipei City
December 7 ThERE CAFÉ Taoyuan
28 Ximen Riverside Café Taipei
《In Amalgamy》 Concert 2014 January 18 Legacy Taipei Taipei
《Dida》 Mini Concert 2015 January 30 Ximen Riverside Café Taipei
Voice Up Concert 2016 May 8 Legacy Taipei Taipei
《Where Do We Go》 Rooftop Concert 2017 February 4 「ATT 4 FUN」FRANK Taipei Taipei
《Because Of You》 Concert 2017 October 1 Woolloomooloo Out West Taipei
Sofar Sounds Taipei 2018 April 22 Believer Café & Bar Taipei
Discover Asia - 《Thousand-Faced Beast》Concert 2018 November 11 Syntrend Creative Park Clapper Studio Taipei

Work in Music[edit]

While she was with Nan Quan Mama, Lara took part in the creation and performance of four albums, all distributed by Alfa Music and Sony Music. After leaving Nan Quan Mama, Lara released two solo albums under JVR Music, and then one more solo albums under Meimeiwawa Multimedia after she left JVR in 2013. She has also received some accolades from competitions or general outstanding musicianship.


Nan Quan Mama
Year Album Name
Album Name
2005 《南搞小孩》 《Problem Children》 Alfa Music & Sony Music
2006 《藏寶圖》 《Treasure Map》 Alfa Music, YaLu Music, & Sony Music
2007 《調色盤》 《Color Palette》 Alfa Music & Sony Music
2008 《2號餐》 《Meal no. 2》 Alfa Music & Sony Music
Year Date Album Name
Album Name
Distribution Note
2010 December 6 《HELLO 梁心頤》 《HELLO Lara Liang》
JVR Music
2012 October 29 《自由靈魂》 《Free Spirit》
JVR Music
2018 October 23 《千面獸》 《Thousand-Faced Beast》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia October 23 is digital, physical
release is December 5, 2018 (2018-12-05)

Non-Album Music[edit]

Apart from releasing music in albums, Lara also has physical and digital singles, both released and unreleased. Three unreleased singles were written as spokesperson brand theme songs.

Solo Singles
Year Month Title Distribution Type Note
2010 November 《我沒有+Where Have All The Flowers Gone JVR MusicSony Music Taiwan Digital & Physical
December 《Everything》 JVR MusicSony Music Taiwan Physical
2012 May 《Darling》 JVR MusicSony Music Taiwan Digital & Physical
October 《Free Spirit》 JVR MusicSony Music Taiwan Digital
2013 March 《Dream Garden》 JVR MusicSony Music Taiwan Digital
2014 December 《Dida》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
2016 December 《Where Do We Go》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital & Physical
2017 February 《Where Do We Go (Soul Remix)》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital Feat. TroutFresh & SmashRegz
April 《Where Do We Go (Ukulele Version)》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital Ukulele version
August 《Play/Turn》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
September 《Sunshine》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
October 《Realization》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital with JerryC
2018 August 《Thousand-Faced Beast》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
September 《Watch Out》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
《Precious Pain》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
October 《No Absolutes》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
2019 January 《Open Heart (Terry Zhong Remix)》 Meimeiwawa Multimedia Digital
Brands & Shows Jingles
Year Month Title
Performer Credit Note
2009 January 《眼鏡寶貝》 《Glasses Baby》 Nan Quan Mama Lyrics "Formosa Optical" Jingle
2012 May 《夢織花園》 《Dream Garden》 Lara Liang Lyrics Opening theme for 《Alice in Wonder City》
2012 September 《悄悄佔據你》 《Taking Over Slowly》 Lara Liang Topline Theme for micro movie 《Taking Over Slowly》

Awards & Accolades[edit]

Year Event Award
2008 KKBOX Digital Music Charts Chinese Singles Charts 3rd Place 《Rainy Day》
2011 2010 Annual Sprite China Original Pop Music Chart Awards 《Newcomer Award 2010》
2016 10th "Music King" Awards Ceremony 《Most Improved Singer》
2018 Pop Awards New Flow Annual Awards 《Best Singer - Electronica》


Lara has taken on the bulk of her own songwriting as well as occasionally writing for other musicians on their works.

Songwriting Credit
Year Month Album (Chinese) Album (English) Performer Title (Chinese) Title (English) Credit
2005 May 《2號餐》 《Meal no.2》 Nan Quan Mama 《寫給巧克力的歌》 《A Song for Chocolate》 Topline
August 《調色盤》 《Color Palette》 Nan Quan Mama 《TONIGHT》 Lyrics
2006 May Nan Quan Mama 《水晶蜻蜓》 《Crystal Dragonfly》 Topline
July 《調色盤 (影音加值搖滾盤)》 《Color Palette》(Special) Nan Quan Mama 《Rock》 Lyrics
2007 July 《藏寶圖》 《Treasure Map》 Nan Quan Mama 《湘南海鷗》 《Xiangnan Seagull》 Lyrics
《公主戀愛手冊》 《A Princess's Guide to Love》 Lyrics
《Here We Go》 Lyrics
《泡沫》 《Bubbles》 Topline
2008 July 《南搞小孩》 《Problem Children》 Nan Quan Mama 《下雨天》 《Rainy Day》 Lyrics
2009 October 《袁詠琳Cindy同名專輯》 《Cindy Yen》 Cindy Yen 《雨後天空》 《Sky After Rain》 Lyrics
《笨魚》 《Dumb Fish》 Lyrics
2010 December 《HELLO 梁心頤》 《HELLO Lara Liang》 Lara Liang 《Everything》 Lyrics
《胡椒與鹽》 《Salt & Pepper》 Lyrics
《我不再怕》 《Not Scared Anymore》 Lyrics
《當秋天遇上秋天》 《When Autumn Meets Autumn》 Lyrics
《John》 Lyrics
《貝殼》 《Seashell》 Topline
《Crescent City》 Lyrics
《小樹》 《Little Tree》 Lyrics
《奇妙》 《Magical》 Lyrics
2011 October 《樂酷.概念合輯》 《Cool Music.Concept》 梁心頤 《4Chords》 Topline
《2 be Different》 Cindy Yen 《我想要迷路》 《I Want to Get Lost》 Lyrics
2011 October 《I'm Not A Gentleman》 Gary Yang 《Someday You'll See》 Lyrics
Lara Liang & Gary Yang 《黑色靜態》 《Static Black》 Lyrics
December 《自由靈魂》 《Free Spirit》 Lara Liang 《Talking》 Topline
《自由靈魂》 《Free Spirit》 Lyrics
《Darling》 Topline
《蘋果》 《Apple》 Lyrics
《蛻變》 《Metamorphoses》 Topline
《碎片》 《Fragments》 Lyrics
《骨頭》 《Bones》 Topline
《不敢哭》 《Don't Dare Cry》 Lyrics
《舒適的牢籠》 《Comfortable Cage》 Lyrics
2014 December 《滴答》單曲 《Dida》 Single Lara Liang 《滴答》 《Dida》 Lyrics
2016 December 《Where Do We Go》EP Lara Liang 《Where Do We Go》 Topline
2017 August 《千面獸》 《Thousand-Faced Beast》 Lara Liang 《玩轉》 《Play/Turn》 Topline
September 《陽光》單曲 《Sunshine》 Single Lara Liang 《陽光》 《Sunshine》 Topline
2018 October 《千面獸》 《Thousand-Faced Beast》 梁心頤 《千面獸》 《Thousand-Faced Beast》 Topline
《蹦蹦蹦》 《Watch Out》 Lyrics
《最愛的痛》 《Precious Pain》 Lyrics
《沒有絕對》 《No Absolutes》 Lyrics
《明日之星》 《Tomorrow's Star》 Lyrics
《閉眼》 《Eyes Closed》 Topline
《忘掉》 《Forget》 Topline
《心打開》 《Open Heart》 Topline
November 《Burn》 Lyrics
《Eyes Closed》 Lyrics
《Fight》 Topline


Apart from being a singer and songwriter, Lara has also participated in many cinematic projects ranging from music videos to TV series and musicals before even starting her multimedia company.

Naturally once she established Meimeiwawa Multimedia, she started taking on the role of writer as well as producer on certain ventures. In her 2018 joint project with her sister of the 《Thousand-Faced Beast》and《Tomorrow's Star》 double feature, she also took up the role of lead actress in her first feature-length film.

Year Month English title Chinese title Role
2006 Nov Engagement For Love 《愛情經紀約》 Xuan Meng Tiao
2012 May Alice In Wonder City 《給愛麗絲的奇蹟》 Lan Die Fei
Micro Films
Year Month Title (Chinese) Title (English) Role Note
2012 Apr 愛情的兩張臉 《Two Faces of Love》 Lara Liang/Xiao P Collaboration with Pond's
2012 Sep 《悄悄佔據你》 《Slowly Taking Over》 Guan Xin Jue Collaboration with Test Rite
2013 Sep 台北據我們所知(番外篇) - 果汁刮刮樂》 《TAWKI: Taipei As We Know It - Scratch & Win》 Holly
2014 May 《下流社會》 《Lower Society》 Doudou
2014 Oct 誰殺了王若琳 《Who Killed Joanna Wang?》 Lara Liang Won 「Best Costume」&「Best Music」at 48 Hour Film Project Taipei
2015 Spr 《She Wore Red》 Her Won「Best Cinematography」at Tainan 39-hour Film Contestival
2017 Jul 比真愛還好 《Still Better Than Love》 Tang
Feature-Length Film
Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2011 Tangled 《魔髮奇緣》 Rapunzel (Voice) Mandarin version
2018 《Tomorrow's Star》 《明日之星》 Lssse Cinematic Visual Album

Musicals & Music Videos[edit]

Year Month Title (Chinese) Title (English) Role
2015 May 《小時代音樂劇》 《Little Age Musical》 Gu-Li
Music Video Features
Year Month Artist Title (Chinese) Title (English)
2005 Nov Jay Chou 《珊瑚海》 《Coral Sea》
2008 Nov Jay Chou 《蛇舞》 《Snake Dance》
2012 Jul Jay Chou 《琴傷》 《Piano Pangs》
Dec Gary Yang 《黑色靜態》 《Black Static》
Jay Chou 《大笨鐘》 《Big Ben》
2013 Jan Jay Chou 《比較大的大提琴》 《An Even Larger Cello》
May What Century 《愛情不是偶像劇》 《Love is Not a TV Drama》

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Production Roles
Year Month Role Type Title
2013 Sep Screenwriter Micro movie TAWKI: Taipei As We Know It - Scratch & Win》
2013 Oct Producer Micro movie House of Champions
2015 Apr Producer Micro movie She Wore Red

Brand Collaborations[edit]

Spokesperson Advertising[edit]

Year Brand/Product Region Note
2005 Hi-Life Convenience Store Taiwan
2006 Piaggio PGO Scooters Taiwan Theme song:《Pink First Love》
Motorola Cellphone Taiwan Theme song:《ROCK》
2007 FamilyMart Food Commercial Taiwan
Coca-Cola Asia Chinese theme song
2010 Shanghai World Expo Greater China Promotional Video
2008 Angels Online 2】MMO Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
Motorola A810 Chinese Handwriting Tablet Taiwan
Kosé-Fasio Taiwan Regional Spokesperson
2009 Formosa Optical Taiwan Theme Song:《Glasses Baby》
2010 FarEasTone Taiwan Tablet Commercial + Theme Song
Guide Dog Angels Taiwan Theme Song:《When Autumn Meets Autumn》
2011 CottonUSA Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
Young Ladies' Wear Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
Clarins Instant Smooth Taiwan
Pond's Perfect Matte Hong Kong & Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
7-Eleven Hot Drink Taiwan
2012 Pond's Perfect Matte Hong Kong & Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
Test Rite Taiwan Micro movie《Taking Over Slowly》
Kaohsiung Flora Art Expo Taiwan
Master Kong Mini Puffs Greater China
2013 Pond's Perfect Matte Hong Kong & Taiwan Annual Spokesperson
2017 J&V Watches Taiwan Theme Song:《Play/Turn》


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