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Larabanga Mosque
Larabanga is located in Ghana
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 9°13′N 1°51′W / 9.217°N 1.850°W / 9.217; -1.850
Country Ghana
RegionNorthern Region
DistrictWest Gonja District
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)GMT

Larabanga is a village in West Gonja district, a district in north western Northern Region of Ghana. The village is known for its whitewashed, adobe Sahelian mosque, said to date from 1421. It was at the height of the trans-Saharan trade. It is reputed to be Ghana's oldest mosque and houses a copy of the Qur'an almost as old.[1]

The village is also known for its Mystic Stone, for its patterned vernacular architecture and as the entrance to the Mole National Park.

Legend of the Mystic Stone[edit]

During the British times, in Ghana there was a road that was laid near the Larabanga Mosque, a stone was removed during the process to make way for the road. The next day, the stone was found again on the same place it was displaced from. The stone was again removed from the way and the same thing happened the next day. Later, the officials decided to build the road around the stone and it became the mystic stone.

Mystic Stone near Larabanga Mosque

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Coordinates: 9°13′N 1°51′W / 9.217°N 1.850°W / 9.217; -1.850