Laramie Boomerang

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Laramie Boomerang
Owner(s) Adams Publishing Group
Founder(s) Edgar Wilson Nye
Founded 1881; 137 years ago (1881)
Language English
City Laramie, Wyoming
Country United States
OCLC number 244390855

The Laramie Boomerang, formerly the Laramie Daily Boomerang, is a newspaper in Laramie, Wyoming. It was established in 1881 by American humorist Edgar Wilson ("Bill") Nye, who named the paper after his mule, "Boomerang", named (said Nye) because he could trust the mule to return him home no matter how inebriated and disoriented Nye might become.[1] Nye contributed several humorous articles to the Boomerang, and served as the paper's editor until 1884. The Boomerang was founded while Nye was the postmaster of the city (then in the Wyoming Territory). It launched him to national fame, gaining the newspaper subscribers in every state and many foreign countries.

At its inception in March, 1881, the paper's masthead read simply "Boomerang" or "The Daily Boomerang" and was published daily except Sundays and holidays, with the Saturday edition being titled "Saturday Boomerang" briefly in 1891-2. Related titles were also issued: "The Weekly Boomerang" (1895-1904) and "The Semi-Weekly Boomerang" (from 1894-1912). In 1901, the paper became "Laramie Boomerang", and was published daily except Sundays (or during some periods, except Mondays instead).[2]

In 1923, the Boomerang merged with Laramie's other newspaper, The Laramie Republican, retaining the issue numbering of the older paper, the Republican. The combined press published as "The Laramie Republican and the Laramie Boomerang" (as a daily except Sunday until 1927) then as "The Laramie Republican-Boomerang" (as a daily except Saturday until 1937) and then as "The Laramie Republican and Boomerang" (also as a daily except Saturday). In 1957, another local paper (The Laramie Daily Bulletin, which had been publishing Tuesdays through Saturdays since 1931) merged with the Republican and Boomerang presses, and the paper became "The Laramie Daily Boomerang" (published as a daily except Mondays). In 2004, the word "Daily" was dropped from the masthead.

While he attended college, Richard Honaker, later a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives and an unsuccessful nominee for the U.S. District Court, was the night editor of the Daily Boomerang.[3]

The Boomerang was acquired by Tracy McCraken in 1938. The McCracken newspapers were sold in 2015 to Adams Publishing Group.[4]


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