Larbaâ Nath Irathen

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Larbaâ Nath Irathen
Commune and town
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Dz - Larbaâ Nath Irathen (Wilaya de Tizi-Ouzou) location map.svg
Larbaâ Nath Irathen is located in Algeria
Larbaâ Nath Irathen
Larbaâ Nath Irathen
Coordinates: 36°38′12″N 4°12′24″E / 36.636614°N 4.206709°E / 36.636614; 4.206709
Country  Algeria
Province Tizi Ouzou Province
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Larbaâ Nath Irathen (Kabyle: Larebɛa n at Yiraten, or Larbaâ Nath Irathen in Tifinagh.svg in Tifinagh, Arabic: الأربعاء ناث اراتين) is a town in Tizi Ouzou Province, in the middle of Kabylie, Algeria formerly known as Fort National. It had population of 28,000 in 2001. The area is renowned for its majestic scnerey, and arguably their beauty (zin n larb3a).


  • Larbaa means "Wednesday" in Arabic, the town's traditional souk day, or "four"/"fourth" in Kabyle
  • N means "of"
  • Ath Iraten means "sons of Irathen", the name of a major local tribe, recorded by Ibn Khaldun; Irathen may originally have meant "lions".

Coordinates: 36°38′12″N 4°12′24″E / 36.63667°N 4.20667°E / 36.63667; 4.20667