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Laredo-Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Area
"Los Dos Laredos"[1]
Laredo Borderplex
Laredo Borderplex
Largest cityUnited States Laredo, Texas
Mexico Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Other citiesCampanario
Rio Bravo
El Cenizo
SubdivisionsUnited States Texas
  -Webb County

Mexico Tamaulipas
  -Nuevo Laredo Municipality
Mexico Nuevo León
  -Anáhuac Municipality

Mexico Coahuila
  -Hidalgo Municipality
 • Total418.96 km2 (161.76 sq mi)
 (2010 official U.S. Census / INEGI Census)
 • Total636,516
 • Estimate 
(2010 World Gazetteer est.)
 • Rank157th in the Americas (2008)
 • Density3,643/km2 (1,407/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6

The Laredo–Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Area (UN/LOCODE: USLRD & MXNLD) is one of six bi-national metropolitan areas along the U.S.-Mexican border. The city of Laredo is situated in the U.S. state of Texas on the northern bank of the Rio Grande and Nuevo Laredo is located in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas in the southern bank of the river. This metropolitan area is also known as the Two Laredos or the Laredo Borderplex. The metropolitan area is made up of one county: Webb County in Texas and three municipalities: Nuevo Laredo Municipality in Tamaulipas, Hidalgo Municipality in Coahuila, Anáhuac Municipality in Nuevo León in Mexico. Two urban areas: the Laredo Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Zona Metropolitana Nuevo Laredo (Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Zone) three cities and 12 towns make the Laredo–Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan area which has a total of 636,516 inhabitants according to the INEGI Census of 2010[2] and the United States Census estimate of 2010.[3] The Laredo–Nuevo Laredo is connected by four International Bridges and an International Railway Bridge. According to World Gazetteer this metropolitan area ranked 157th largest in North and South America in 2010 with an estimated population of 775,481. This area ranks 66th in the United States[4] and 23rd in Mexico.[5]

Populated Places[edit]

Historical population
Census Pop.

Laredo–Nuevo Laredo metropolitan area is formed by the following populated places:

Urban Areas[edit]








Nuevo León[edit]


Map of Laredo in 1892

Villa de San Agustin de Laredo was founded in 1755 by Don Tomas Sanchez while the area was part of a region called Nuevo Santander in the Spanish colony of New Spain. Villa de San Agustin de Laredo got its name from Laredo, Cantabria, Spain and in honor of Saint Augustine of Hippo. In 1840, Laredo was the capital of the independent Republic of the Rio Grande, set up in rebellion to the dictatorship of Antonio López de Santa Anna and brought back into Mexico by military force. In 1846, during the Mexican–American War the town was occupied by the Texas Rangers. After the war the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo ceded the land to the United States. A referendum was taken in the town, which voted overwhelmingly to petition the American military government in charge of the area to return the town to Mexico. However, this petition was rejected, and in response the bulk of the population moved over the river into Mexican territory to found the new town of Nuevo Laredo.

The origin of name of Laredo is unclear. Some scholars say the name might stem from Glaretum which means "sandy, rocky place" others state that Laredo stems from Euskara and means "beautiful prairies".[8][9] Laredo might also stem from Laridae which means gull or it might be made up of two Latin words lar which means home and edo which means birth.


The Laredo National Bank is one of the strongest banking institutions in Laredo, Texas
Map of the Laredo–Nuevo Laredo Metropolitan Area


More than 47% of United States international trade headed for Mexico and more than 36% of Mexican international trade crosses through the Laredo–Nuevo Laredo port of entries.[10][11] This is the reason that the borderplex's economy rotates around commercial and industrial warehousing, import, and export. The Laredo International Airport serves the Laredo area which has scheduled nonstop flights to Houston, Dallas, Orlando, and Las Vegas. The city of Nuevo Laredo has the Quetzalcóatl International Airport which has daily flights to Mexico City. These airports also handle merchandise to export to the neighboring country. The Laredo–Nuevo Laredo port of entry has five international bridges crossing the Rio Bravo in 2007.

International Bridges[edit]

Major highways[edit]

Major highways in Laredo and their starting and ending points:

Major highways in Nuevo Laredo and their starting and ending points:

Retail Sales[edit]

Foggy morning at Mall Del Norte

Retail sales also helps the Laredo–Nuevo Laredo economy, it attracts shoppers from Northern Mexico and South Texas.[12] The major mall is Mall del Norte. The Streets of Laredo Urban Mall is an association created by businesses located in Iturbide Street in the San Agustin historical district to beautify and renovate the area.[13]



Name Frequency Language City Website
Laredo Morning Times Daily English Laredo
LareDOS Monthly English Laredo
El Mañana Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo/Laredo
El Diario de Nuevo Laredo Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo
Primera Hora Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo
Última Hora Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo


According to Nielsen Media Research, the Laredo region (which includes Webb and Zapata counties) is ranked 185th market by population size in the United States.[14] The first station to broadcast in Laredo was KGNS in 1956, followed by KVTV in 1973, then KJTB (now KLDO) in 1985.

Notably television networks missing from Laredo's airwaves are PBS and The CW. Laredo once had a full-power local affiliate, KGNS-DT2 until the affiliation switched to ABC. Prior to that KJTB channel 27, was affiliated to ABC from January 1985 to October 1988. KJTB was later bought by Entravision and affiliated the station to Telemundo and changed its callsign to KLDO. Today KLDO is affiliated to Univision. Before KJTB, KGNS, an NBC affiliate had a secondary affiliation to ABC from its founding in 1956 through KJTB's founding in 1985. On November 6, 2013, KGNS reached an agreement with the ABC Television Network to add the ABC affiliation. The launch for the ABC affiliate will be in February 2014 on KGNS's subchannel 8.2 and will carry ABC's entire schedule.[15] It's unknown if Laredo CW 19 would move to either 8.3 or to just disaffiliate with the network entirely.

In December 2014, all Nuevo Laredo stations must discontinue analog television broadcasting and broadcast digitally only.[16]

CH VC DT DTV Dish TWC Callsign Network Resolution City of License Official Website Notes
2 2.1 17.1  •  • 99 XEFE Televisa local 480i Nuevo Laredo  • Last station to broadcast in digital
 • 8.1 8.1 8 8 10 KGNS NBC HD 1080i Laredo  •
 • 8.2 8.2  • 15 19 KGNS-DT2 ABC HD 720p Laredo  •
 • 8.3 8.3  • 16 25 KGNS-DT3 Telemundo SD 480i Laredo  •
 •  •  •  •  • 11 KLRN PBS Analog San Antonio  •
 • 10.1CP 10.1CP  •  •  • K10QK-DCP CarismaTV SD 480i Laredo Construction permit expires 7/2014
11 11.1 25.1  •  • 14 XHBR Canal de las Estrellas HD 1080i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 13.20 51.2  •  •  • XHLAT-TDT2 Dark SD 480i Nuevo Laredo  • ID: FVDld
 • 14.3 14.3  •  •  • KYLX-LP Testing HD 1080i Laredo  •  •
 • 15.1 15.1  •  •  • KLMV BVB SD 480i Laredo  •
 • 15.2 15.2  •  •  • KLMV-LD2 Infomercials SD 480i Laredo  •  •
 • 15.3 15.3  •  •  • KLMV-LD3 Vida Vision SD 480i Laredo  •
 • 19.3 19.3  •  •  • KLDO-DT3 Dark SD 480i Laredo  •  •
21 21.1 50.1  •  • 98 XHLNA Azteca 13 HD 1080i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 21.2 50.2  •  •  • XHLNA-TDT2 Proyecto 40 HD 1080i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 27.1 19.1 27 27 78.1 KLDO Univision HD 1080i Laredo  •
 • 27.2 19.2  •  •  • KLDO-DT2 LATV SD 480i Laredo  •
 • 31.1 31.1  •  • 77 KXOF-CD UniMás SD 480i Laredo  •
 • 31.2 31.2 39 39 2.2 KXOF-CD2 Fox / MyNet HD 720p Laredo  •
33 33.1 51.1  •  •  • XHLAT Azteca 7 HD 1080i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 39.1 27.3 39 39 2.2 KETF-CD Fox HD 720p Laredo  •
 • 39.2 27.4  •  •  • KETF-CD2 MundoFox SD 480i Laredo  •
 • 40.1CP 40.1CP  •  •  • K40NU-D Maranatha Church TV SD 480i Laredo  • Construction permit expires 10/2016
45 45.1 32.1  •  • 15 XHNAT Multimedios Plus SD 480i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 45.2 32.2  •  •  • XHNAT-TDT2 Milenio TV HD 1080i Nuevo Laredo  •
 • 45.3 32.3  •  •  • XHNAT-TDT3 Teleritmo SD 480i Nuevo Laredo  •
57 57.1 38.1  •  •  • XHLAR Televisa Regional SD 480i Nuevo Laredo  •

CP: Construction Permit


According to Arbitron, the Laredo region (which includes Jim Hogg, Webb, and Zapata counties) is ranked 191st market by population size.[17]

AM radio[edit]

Frequency Callsign Brand City of License Website Webcast
530 WPMQ285 TxDOT HAR Laredo  •  •
790 XEFE La Mera Ley Nuevo Laredo  • listen live
890 KVOZ Radio Cristiana Laredo  •
960 XEK La Grande Nuevo Laredo listen live
1000 XENLT Radio Formula Nuevo Laredo listen live
1090 XEWL La Romantica Nuevo Laredo listen live
1300 KLAR Radio Poder Laredo listen live
1340 XEBK Mega 95.7 Nuevo Laredo listen live
1370 XEGNK Radio Mexicana Nuevo Laredo listen live
1410 XEAS Ke Buena Nuevo Laredo listen live
1490 KLNT Super Tejano Laredo listen live
1550 XENU La Rancherita Nuevo Laredo listen live
1610 WQA200 CBP Information Laredo  •  •
Long range AM stations[edit]

The following Clear Channel AM stations can be heard in Laredo:

Frequency Callsign Brand City of License Website Webcast
680 KKYX Country Legends 680 San Antonio listen live
720 KSAH Norteño 720 San Antonio  •  •
740 KTRH Newsradio 740 KTRH Houston listen live
760 KTKR Ticket 760 AM San Antonio listen live
990 XET La T Grande Monterrey  • listen live
1030 KCTA KCTA 1030 AM Corpus Christi listen live
1050 XEG Ranchera de Monterrey Monterrey listen live
1140 XEMR MR Deportes Monterrey  •  •
1200 WOAI News Radio 1200 San Antonio listen live
1210 KUBR Radio Cristiana San Juan  • listen live
1530 KGBT La Tremenda 1530 Harlingen  •

FM radio[edit]

Frequency Callsign Brand Format City of License Website Webcast
88.1 KHOY Catholic Radio Religious Laredo listen live
88.9 XHLDO Radio Tamaulipas Public Radio Nuevo Laredo tamaulipas.gob listen live
89.9 KBNL Radio Manantial Spanish Religious Laredo listen live
91.3 XHNOE Stereo 91 Spanish Contemporary Nuevo Laredo listen live
92.7 KJBZ Z93 Tejano Laredo listen live
93.7 "XHNLT"PR Radio Estereo Uncion FM Christian Radio Nuevo Laredo listen live
94.1 XHTLN Imagen / RMX Laredo Talk / Contemporary Nuevo Laredo listen live
94.9 KQUR Digital 94.9 Spanish Pop Laredo listen live
95.3 XHLPZ La Traviesa Spanish Regional Lampazos
95.7 XHBK Mega 95.7 Spanish Contemporary Nuevo Laredo listen live
96.5 "XHTWO"PR Radio Two Norteño Nuevo Laredo listen live
97.1 XHNLO La Caliente Norteño Nuevo Laredo listen live
98.1 KRRG Big Buck Country Country Laredo listen live
99.3 XHNK 40 Principales Top 40 Nuevo Laredo listen live
100.5 KBDR La Ley Tejano Laredo listen live
101.5 XHAS Ke Buena Norteño Nuevo Laredo listen live
102.3 XHMW Stereo Vida AC/Oldies Nuevo Laredo listen live
102.9 nonePR La Guerrera de la Frontera International Nuevo Laredo listen live
103.3 nonePR Radio 33 Spanish Religious Nuevo Laredo listen live
104.5 nonePR 2 Beat Electronica Nuevo Laredo
104.9 XHNLR Radio UAT University Radio Nuevo Laredo listen live
105.1 nonePR RN Radio Spanish Nuevo Laredo listen live
105.5 nonePR Mas Musica Spanish Nuevo Laredo
106.1 KNEX Hot 106.1 Urban / Rhythmic Top 40 Laredo listen live
106.5 nonePR Radio Voz Norteño Nuevo Laredo listen live
107.3 XHGTS 107.3 Me Gusta Spanish Pop Nuevo Laredo listen live
162.55 WXK26 NOAA Weather Radio Weather Laredo  •

PR:Suspected pirate radio stations since they are not licensed with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States or COFETEL in Mexico.[18][19] Some pirate stations are suspected, due to the fact that other licensed stations nearby share the same frequency, such as 106.5 Radio Voz and KMAE from nearby Bruni, Texas and 103.3 Radio 33 and XHAHU-FM from nearby Anáhuac, Nuevo León, each city less than 50 miles from Laredo.

Internet Radio[edit]

Name Format Website Webcast
Power Hits HD Classic Rock listen live


Laredo is home to four semiprofessional sports teams. The Laredo Bucks are a Central Hockey League hockey team in the Southern Conference's Southeast Division. The Bucks have been the League's Champion twice in 2003 and 2005. The Laredo Heat is a Premier Development League soccer team in the Southern Conference's Mid South Division. Laredo are the current USL Premier Development League champions, having defeated 2006 champions Michigan Bucks in a penalty shootout, following a 0-0 draw in the 2007 championship game. The Laredo Broncos are a baseball team in the United League. Nuevo Laredo is home to the Mexican Soccer League's Second Division Bravos de Nuevo Laredo. Both Laredo were home to the Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos which were the only Mexican Baseball League team to play in both the United States and Mexico. The Tecolotes de los Dos Laredos were the Mexican Baseball League Champions in 1953, 1954, 1958, 1977, and 1989. In 2008 the Tecolotes came back to Nuevo Laredo and they are known as the Tecolotres de Nuevo Laredo.


Pictures of Laredo, Texas[edit]

Pictures of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico[edit]

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