Laredo Colombia Solidarity Port of Entry

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Laredo Columbia Solidarity Port of Entry
Laredo Columbia Solidarity Port of Entry.jpg
Laredo Columbia Solidarity Port of Entry

United States

Farm to Market Road 1472, Laredo, TX 78045
Coordinates 27°42′05″N 99°44′33″W / 27.701502°N 99.74262°W / 27.701502; -99.74262
Opened 1991
Phone (956) 417-5138
Hours 8:00 AM-Midnight
Exit Port Columbia, Nuevo Leon
2005 Cars 253,000
2005 Trucks 311,000
Pedestrians 12,000

The Laredo Columbia Solidarity Port of Entry is located at the Colombia – Solidarity International Bridge (sometimes referred to as "Bridge III"). It is the only port of entry from the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. It was built in 1991 in an effort to relieve traffic from the congested downtown Laredo bridges.[1]


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