Large Asian roundleaf bat

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Large Asian roundleaf bat
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Hipposideridae
Genus: Hipposideros
Species: H. lekaguli
Binomial name
Hipposideros lekaguli
Thonglongya & Hill, 1974
Large Asian Roundleaf Bat area.png
Large Asian roundleaf bat range

The large Asian roundleaf bat (Hipposideros lekaguli) is a species of bat in the family Hipposideridae. It is found in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The specific name commemorates Thai zoologist and conservationist Dr Boonsong Lekagul.

Taxonomy and etymology[edit]

It was described as a new speccies in 1974 by Thonglongya and Hill. The holotype had been collected in the Kaeng Khoi District of Thailand in 1972 by Boonsong Lekagul. Lekagul is the eponym for the species name "lekaguli."[2]


Its forearm length is 66.5–79.3 mm (2.62–3.12 in). Its ears are broad, large, and triangular. Its nose-leaf is complexly foliated with intermediate, anterior, and posterior leaflets.[3]

Range and habitat[edit]

It was first documented in Thailand in 1972.[2] In 1992, it was additionally documented in the Philippines.[3] It is also found in Peninsular Malaysia.[1]


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