Largescale mullet

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Largescale mullet
Liza macrolepis Day.png
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Mugilidae
Genus: Chelon
Species: C. macrolepis
Binomial name
Chelon macrolepis
(Smith, 1846)[1]
  • Liza macrolepis (Smith, 1846)
  • Liza akame Tanaka, 1916
  • Liza parva Oshima, 1922
  • Liza pescadorensis Oshima, 1922
  • Liza troscheli (Bleeker, 1858-59)
  • Mugil borneensis Bleeker, 1851
  • Mugil macrolepis Smith, 1846
  • Mugil pescadorensis (Oshima, 1922)
  • Mugil poicilus Day, 1865
  • Mugil rodericensis Günther, 1876
  • Mugil smithii Günther, 1861
  • Mugil troscheli Bleeker, 1858-59
  • Mugil troschelii Bleeker, 1858-59 [2]

The largescale mullet (Chelon macrolepis) is a species of fish in the Mugilidae family. It is found in the Indo-Pacific.


The largescale mullet is greenish-grey above and silvery grey beneath. The fins are bluish-grey with darker edges. The top of the back is nearly straight when viewed from the side while the underside is rounded. The first dorsal fin has 4-5 spines with 8 or 9 soft rays and the anal fin has 3 spines with about 9 soft rays.[3]


The largescale mullet is found in shallow coastal areas in the Indo-Pacific region including estuaries and water with low salinity.[1]


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