Largest domestic 53 foot container companies (fleet size)

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This is a list of the largest U.S. domestic 53 foot container company fleet sizes. (2014)[1]

Intermodal company 53 Container fleet size Image
J.B. Hunt 65,700 JB Hunt container.jpeg
EMP 35,300 EMP container.jpeg
UMAX 32,700 UMAX container.jpeg
Hub Group 23,100 Hub Group container.jpeg
Pacer Stacktrain 18,000 Packer Stacktrain 53 foot container.jpeg
Schneider National 15,800 Schneider National container.jpeg
Swift 10,200 SWIFT container.jpeg
Canadian National 8,000 Canadian National 53 foot container.jpg
UPS 5,000 UPSU 53 foot container.jpeg
CSX 4,000 CSX 53 foot container.jpg
APL 2,200 APL 53 foot container.jpg
Largest domestic 53 foot container companies (fleet size as of December 2016)

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