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Lari Pittman (born 1952 in Los Angeles, California)[1] is an American painter. His American father met his Colombian mother while the former was working abroad in the latter's homeland.[2]

Pittman received his MFA from the Cal Arts in 1976. There he met his life partner, abstract painter Roy Dowell with whom he has lived ever since.[3] He is now a professor at UCLA (an institution which he once attended, but, from which he did not earn a degree). In 1996 his work was the subject of a mid career survey at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.[2]

In David Pagel's interview with Pittman, he concludes that Pittman's paintings include "imaginary organic forms, runaway arrows, and arabesques, transform ornamentation into a contemporary narrative of life and death, love and sex." He also believes "Pittman's operatic pictures propose that the world's complexity does not override passion, sincerity, and individuality."[4] When talking about his own work, Pittman states: "at times, I purposefully orchestrate the work so that you do have that comfortable laughter when looking at it—it's fullhearted and enjoyable internally—but it's also a laughter linked to nervousness. And that's the laughter I particularly like cultivating, parlor laughter, where there's always the subtext of conversation going on, but everyone is very agreeable." [4]


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