Larin izbor

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Larin izbor
Starring Ivan Herceg
Doris Pinčić
Filip Juričić
Frane Perišin
Ecija Ojdanić
Marija Kohn
Opening theme Samo ljubav ostaje
Country of origin Croatia
Original language(s) Croatian
No. of episodes 347
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Nova TV
Picture format 1080p HDTV
Original release September 4, 2011 – July 3, 2013

Larin izbor (English: Lara's Choice) is a Croatian telenovela created by Jelena Veljaca and written by Tomislav Hrpka. The series premiered on September 4, 2011 on Nova TV. Doris Pinčić and Ivan Herceg are main protagonists, while Ecija Ojdanić, Filip Juričić, Jagoda Kumrić, Marija Karan and Janko Popović Volarić are villains/ antagonists. With primer cast of Marija Kohn and Frane Perišin.


Lara Bozic is a young and simple girl who lives and works in Split. Although an educated musician, she works as an assistant cook at a catering service. Owners of the catering service offer her work as a waitress at Zlatar family banquet. Zlatar family is an aristocratic family. At a party Lara meets Jakov Zlatar, a young, well-brought up young man from a respectable family. Jakov returned to Split after several years and his mother Nela had prepared a party in his honor. Jakov is not interested in the world that his mother and father try to impose, but he caught his eyes on a young girl. Jakov and Lara fall in love at first sight and spend the evening together. After a passionate night in the garden, Nela catches them and expelles Lara from the Zlatar compound. Because he failed to prevent the act of his mother, Jakov feels embarrassed and asks Lara for forgiveness.

Nela Zlatar is a proud woman obsessed with the image of the family and the continuation of esteemed lineage Zlatar. She is convinced that Lara approached Jakov only to enter their family and to destroy Jakov's career as a successful captain. Jakov needs to leave for work abroad but before his departure, he proposes Lara. The two get married. Jakov brings Lara back into the Zlatar house and tells everyone that Lara is now his legal wife. Lara's world starts to change dramatically. She is left to the mercy of Nela and Jakov's younger sister Nicole.


Season Series Premiere Series Finale
Season 1 September 4, 2011 June 20, 2012
Season 2 September 23, 2012 July 3, 2013


Protagonists and supporting roles[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Doris Pinčić Lara Zlatar, née Božić 2011-2013
Ivan Herceg Jakov "Jaša" Zlatar 2011-2013
Jana Milić Leila Bilić , née Vidić 2011-2013
Ecija Ojdanić Antonela Nela Zlatar 2011-2013
Mladen Vulić Alen Dijak 2011-2013
Tamara Garbajs Vjera Dijak 2011-2013
Ornela Vištica Karmen Saga 2011-2013
Stefan Kapičić Nikša Ivanov 2011-2013
Jagoda Kurmić Nikolina "Nikol" Zlatar 2011-2013
Dino Rogić Mate Škopljanac 2011-2013
Sanja Vejnović Mija Božić-Petrović 2011-2013
Marija Kohn Anđela Zlatar 2011-2013
Frane Perišin Tonči Zlatar 2011-2013
Edita Karađole Cvitka Radošić 2011-2013
Helena Buljan Kike #2 2011-2013


Actor Character Duration
Filip Juričić Dinko Bilić 2011-2013
Sanja Popović Dalia 2012-2013
Janko Popović Volarić Lucijan Krstulović 2012-2013

Abandoned the series[edit]

Actor Character Duration
Branimir Popović Šimun Santini † 2012-2013, killed by Dinko
Ana Maras Anita 2011-2012
Andrej Dojkić Maro 2011-2012
Mark Urem Jakov Zlaja Zlatar #1 2011-2012
Marija Tadić Lidija Bilić 2011-2012
Milan Štrljić Vuksan Petrović † 2011-2012
Franko Jakovčević Filip Kelava 2011-2012
Karlo Mrkša Jure Šoštarić † 2011, killed by Kris
Jasmin Mekić Kris Vidić † 2011, killed by Leila in self-defense
Bruna Bebić-Tudor Blanka Bilić † 2011-2012, killed by Dalia
Zoran Pibičević Dorijan Damjanović † 2012, killed by Lara in self-defense
Marija Karan Anastasija Popović 2012


The show premiered on Sunday September 4, 2011 with domestic share of 11,9%. Its 50th episode was watched by a record-breaking 1,2 million viewers. It is the most-watched scripted show in Croatia, attracting more viewers that the national news, Dnevnik, which used to be an all-time ratings leader in Croatia. The title track translated into Arabic and has achieved success in Egypt and Dubai(Samo ljubav ostaje-


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end Time slot
 Croatia Nova TV September 4, 2011 July 3, 2013 20:00
 Bosnia and Herzegovina RTRS
September 5, 2011 July 3, 2013 17:05h
 Macedonia Kanal 5 September 5, 2011
 Slovenia POP TV September 12, 2011 June 20, 2013 17:45
 Bulgaria bTV
bTV Lady
March 28, 2012 July 12, 2015 17:30/13:30/12:00
 Slovakia TV Doma May 28, 2012 July 21, 2013 16:30
 Romania Acasă May 29, 2012 18:30
 Iran Farsi1 July 28, 2012 22:00
 Montenegro TV Vijesti August 27, 2012 19:10
 Greece ANT-1 July 8, 2013 21:25
 Egypt CBC Egypt February 2, 2013 18:00
 Serbia B92 March 18, 2013 December 12, 2013 19:00
 Italy RAI Coming Soon
 Ukraine Coming Soon
 Pakistan Urdu 1 Coming Soon ( Re-Run )
 Czech Republic Telka June 3, 2013 10:55
 Romania Acasă May 12, 2014 18:30
 Morocco 2M TV September 23, 2014 July 2015 18:30