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Larissa Shasko is a Canadian politician and the former leader of the Green Party of Saskatchewan, elected in April 2009 at the AGM. Shasko is a student at the University of Regina where she is studying Political Science. In addition to her work with the GPS she is also an active member of the Green Party of Canada. She was serving as a Councilor at Large and as the Finance and Administrative Chair with the Young Greens Council. Shasko has been a candidate for the Green Party three times in the past three years, twice federally in the riding of Palliser (2006 & 2008), and once provincially in the riding of Moose Jaw Wakamow (2007).[1]

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Shasko currently resides in Moose Jaw. She is a strong proponent in the anti-nuclear fight, and has spoken at multiple rallies and meetings on the topic.


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Preceded by
Amber Jones
Green Party of Saskatchewan leaders
2009 - 2011
Succeeded by
Victor Lau