Larkya La

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Larkya La
Manaslu range.jpg
View of manaslu range at Bimthang on the way to Larkya La
Elevation5,106 m (16,752 ft)
LocationManang, Gandaki Province, Nepal
Coordinates28°38′27″N 84°10′56″E / 28.640695°N 84.1823392°E / 28.640695; 84.1823392Coordinates: 28°38′27″N 84°10′56″E / 28.640695°N 84.1823392°E / 28.640695; 84.1823392
Larkya La is located in Nepal
Larkya La
Location of the pass

Larkya La is one of the longest passes in the Himalaya of Nepal, situated at 5,106 metres (16,752 ft) above the sea level.[1][2][3] It is located in between Dharmashala and Bimthang, and is the highest point in the Manaslu Circuit Trek.[4]


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