Larnaca Synagogue

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Larnaca Synagogue
Synagogue larnaca.jpg
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
LeadershipRabbi Arie Zeev Raskin
LocationLarnaca, Cyprus
Geographic coordinates34°54′46″N 33°37′47″E / 34.912787°N 33.629853°E / 34.912787; 33.629853Coordinates: 34°54′46″N 33°37′47″E / 34.912787°N 33.629853°E / 34.912787; 33.629853

Larnaca Synagogue is the only synagogue in Cyprus. Located in Larnaca, it was inaugurated on 12 September 2005.


The synagogue is affiliated with the Orthodox denomination, but welcomes Jews from other denominations and visitors of all backgrounds. Until its opening, Cyprus was the only EU nation without a synagogue. Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger told a crowd at the inauguration ceremony, "This is a historic event for Cyprus. We are very happy Cyprus is open to all religions."[1] Cypriot Education Minister Pefkios Georgiades said, "Cyprus is a state where all religions are tolerated and we welcome the Jewish synagogue." The ceremony included the inauguration of a Torah scroll and the laying of the cornerstone for a mikveh. There is also a Jewish cemetery.[2]

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