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Laroi is a village into the town of Bhogpur in district Jalandhar of Punjab, India. Laroi is a village that is home to many communities and castes such as Hindus, Brahmins, Sikh Jatts, Lubanas, Khatris, Adharmis and others. The main profession here is agriculture, farming, and jobs in the public sector. Most of the families in this village have one or more members who have migrated to Western countries for better jobs.


Laroi is located less than 1 kilometre from Jalandhar-Pathankot road.

Laroi has 4 Sikh Gudwaras,3 Hindu Temples and one Muslim place called jahar peer.

The current leader of village is soda sarpanch . laroi is very clean village because of new sarpanch and is developing because of new sarpanch . the youth here plays mainly the

kabbadi game and most of the youth here goes to the gym .


Coordinates: 31°34′N 75°38′E / 31.567°N 75.633°E / 31.567; 75.633