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Larri Passos (born December 30, 1957) is a Brazilian tennis coach most recognized for being coach of the tennis player Gustavo Kuerten.[1] Larri had started to play tennis in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. However, since he was teenager, he showed that he had more ability as a coach. In 1975 he was already responsible for the tennis school Sociedade Aliança de Novo Hamburgo.

Larri graduated in Physical Education from Feevale. His first job as a coach was with the tennis player Marcos Vinícius Barbosa. In 1990 Larri became the coach of the tennis player Gustavo Kuerten.

Gustavo Kuerten and Larri have won three Grand Slam titles, all of them at the French Open, played on the clay courts of Roland Garros. They have also won five Tennis Master Series and one Tennis Master Cup. The latter was obtained in 2000, in which year Gustavo Kuerten finished the season as the World No. 1.

Nowadays, Larri is the coach of Thomaz Bellucci. He is the current coach of the young Brazilian promise Tiago Fernandes.


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