Larrimah, Northern Territory

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Northern Territory
Big stubby Larrimah.jpg
The Big Stubby
Larrimah is located in Northern Territory
Coordinates15°34′33″S 133°12′59″E / 15.5757°S 133.2163°E / -15.5757; 133.2163Coordinates: 15°34′33″S 133°12′59″E / 15.5757°S 133.2163°E / -15.5757; 133.2163[1]
Population47 (2016 census)[2]
EstablishedMarch 1941 (village)
3 April 2007 (locality)[3]
Time zoneACST (UTC+9:30)
LGA(s)Roper Gulf Region [1]
Territory electorate(s)Barkly[5]
Federal Division(s)Lingiari[6]
Mean max temp[7] Mean min temp[7] Annual rainfall[7]
33.9 °C
93 °F
19.6 °C
67 °F
859.6 mm
33.8 in
Localities around Larrimah:
Elsey Elsey
Stuart Plateau
Larrimah Birdum
Birdum Birdum Birdum
Adjoining localities[9]

Larrimah is a town[1] and a locality[3] in the Northern Territory of Australia located about 431 kilometres (268 mi) southeast of the territorial capital of Darwin and about 158 kilometres (98 mi) southeast of the municipal seat of Katherine.

It has a population of 11. It is built along the Stuart Highway. It was the railhead on the North Australia Railway during World War II. It is the home of the Big Stubby, a large replica of a Darwin Stubby beer bottle.

It was visited in an episode of Dom Joly's Happy Hour.

The town's pub was originally 9 km south in Birdum, but was moved when Larrimah became the end of the railway.

In December 2017, Larrimah resident Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie went missing. Authorities are treating the case as a homicide. Paddy's disappearance was the subject of A Dog Act: Homicide on the Highway, a four part YouTube series by ABC News.[10]

The Walkley Award winning podcast Lost in Larrimah[11] also explores the mystery of Paddy Moriarty's disappearance, as well as the town's history in great depth, including the feuds within the small community.

According to The New York Times, "the main road through town has long been notorious for murders and mysterious disappearances, including a British backpacker who vanished" in 2001.[12]

Larrimah's fuel station burnt down in October 2009 so no fuel is available there. The closest fuel available is 76 kilometres north at Mataranka, or 100 kilometres south at Daly Waters. There is a Northern Territory Fire & Rescue unit stationed there to attend motor vehicle accidents and local bush & grass fires.

World War II[edit]

The 8th Australian Staging Camp, built by the Australian Army, was set up in Larrimah for troops making the journey by road from Adelaide before transferring onto rail at Larrimah siding for the rest of the journey to Darwin. No. 45 Australian Camp Hospital was also set up at Larrimah by the Australian Army.


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